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Unleash the power of mobile retail with Vend POS + PayPal

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Sell in store and on-the-go

Bring the checkout to your customers with Vend POS. Take your register anywhere; it’s easy to use and optimized for iPad.

Accept any form of payment

Accept the latest payment technologies with PayPal, including contactless payments and Apple Pay. Now EMV-certified for secure chip card payments.

Make every checkout experience seamless

Sales and returns flow from Vend to your card terminal, so there’s no more fumbling at checkout or manual reconciliation at the end of the day.

Manage and grow your business from your iPad

Manage inventory, track bestselling products and top employees, and stock by location with robust reporting and inventory management.

Stay safe, secure and EMV-certified

New EMV regulations could mean greater liability for your business. PayPal monitors for fraud 24/7 and is EMV-certified to keep you protected.

Get set up quickly and easily

Start selling right away with Vend’s easy setup. Vend users can link existing PayPal accounts in real-time, or have new accounts approved in minutes.

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The more you sell, the less you pay

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Accept card payments quickly and securely on the go and only pay a small fee per transaction.

  • Avoid monthly fees and lock-in contracts.
  • Accept contactless payments like Apple Pay.
  • Take Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

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Vend + PayPal are better together.

Frequently asked questions about PayPal and Vend

The Vend-PayPal integration allows retailers in the US, UK and Australia to set up PayPal Here and accept chip cards, contactless/NFC-enabled mobile phone payments, and traditional magnetic stripe credit or debit cards through the Vend Register app on iPad.

The Vend-PayPal integration supports the Chip and Swipe Reader, Chip and Tap Reader, Chip Card Reader, Mobile Card Reader and PayPal’s previous model, the Miura Reader.

That’s easy! Navigate through Setup to Payment types and click Add Payment Type. Select PayPal Here from the dropdown menu.

If you already have an account to connect to, you’ll sign in to your PayPal account to establish the connection.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you’ll need to set one up. Once done, you can save the payment type!

For a step-by-step breakdown of the process, click here.

Once integrated, you can take payment using PayPal Here through the sell screen the same way you would with other payment types. Simply select pay and choose PayPal Here from the payment screen.

You can read more about taking payments with PayPal Here in our help guide here.

Yes you can! This can be processed the same way as a regular refund and when it comes to the payment type screen, simply select PayPal Here.

This will give you two choices:

  • Refund with card, which will prompt the customer to tap, swipe or insert their card and automatically process a refund of this payment to your customer's card.
  • Refund without card, which will automatically process the refund directly to your customers PayPal account.

Here’s the guide on how to process a refund using PayPal from start to finish.

Vend’s PayPal integration is available on all Vend plans!

Click here for plan information and pricing.

You can use Vend with PayPal through the Vend Register app on iPad

You can find a list of recommended hardware and computer specs here.

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