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Run and grow your business on multiple channels with Vend and WooCommerce

With COVID-19, it's more important than ever to have a multi-channel retail business. Whether it’s selling online, on social media, or in-store, Vend POS and WooCommerce will give you a competitive edge to win in today’s landscape.

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An advanced and customizable ecommerce solution for multi-channel retailers

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Centrally manage your day-to-day business in Vend and sell more online with the flexibility of WooCommerce. Enjoy synced products, inventory, customers, and orders.

Customizable joint solution

Enjoy a solution truly tailored to your business. Vend is perfect for inventory-based retail, while WooCommerce lets you add the features you need, when you need them.

Flexible inventory across platforms

Upload products in bulk and choose how stock levels are displayed on WooCommerce. Select inventory from a single location, or combine from multiple stores and warehouses.

Real-time visibility into sales and inventory

Never worry about double-selling again. Gain instant visibility of online orders that need to be fulfilled without switching from one platform to the next.

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Sell on Instagram, Facebook and more

Open your online store to billions of users on Instagram, Facebook, and everywhere customers want to shop with you – while sales are tracked in WooCommerce and Vend.

Grow your customer base

Manage a database from in-store and online sales, and identify and delight loyal customers so they continue shopping with you.

View performance in real-time

Instantly identify sales trends and compare in-store and online performance by tracking sales, margins, and inventory in Vend.

Centralize in-store and online operations

Don't waste time on manual double-entry. Manage inventory, customers, and sales from Vend, while your digital and physical stores are updated instantly.

Vend and WooCommerce integration feature list

View a list of all the tools perfect for single stores or multi-location retailers to sell more profitably, in-store and online.

Why choose Vend as your WooCommerce POS and retail management platform?

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Advanced tools, designed for modern retail

Vend's unmatched POS, inventory, reporting, and customer engagement tools remove the hassle from managing your business, so you have more time for the things that matter.

A central platform to manage stores and grow sales

Manage and track your stores in the cloud and easily add new users, registers, sales channels, or locations as you grow. Extend Vend with world-class retail apps you love.

Real help, when and how you need it

Our award-winning support team genuinely care and are available 24/7, online and on the phone. You can opt for a dedicated account manager to help you grow your biz

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WooCommerce is the most customizable platform for building your ecommerce

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Customize and sell across social channels

Completely modular, you can start simple and build your store from the ground up. Choose from a full library of extensions, including selling on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Built on WordPress, powered by trust

WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which runs 26% of the web. You'll have peace of mind knowing your data belongs to you, and are upheld to the highest security standards.

A worldwide community with no limits

The most popular ecommerce platform on the web, WooCommerce has a community of stores and developers all around the globe. It's open source too, so you have full control.

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Getting started with Vend POS and WooCommerce

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List of things to check before integrating WooCommerce with Vend

View the steps and processes required to get Vend POS and WooCommerce up and running in your business.

Need help with your Vend - WooCommerce integration?

Check out our support articles with detailed instructions and links to get you setup with your WooCommerce integration.

The WooCommerce Integration - How does it work, and how do I set it up?

The Vend-WooCommerce integration shares product, inventory, customer and sales information between both systems, simplifying daily operations by saving time on manual admin and double-entry.

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We’re here for all your ecommerce needs

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Drive sales and profits from all channels

Have the capabilities to sell offline, online, or on-the-go. Vend gives you everything need to market your products and drive conversions, no matter what sales channel you’re using.

Fulfill orders efficiently

View and fulfill online orders straight from Vend. Everything is synced, so you save time and effort from having to switch between different platforms.

Centrally manage the moving parts of your business

Manage your sales, stock, and customer data from a single platform. Vend syncs everything so you can spend less time on admin and devote your energy to growing your business.

Frequently asked questions about WooCommerce and Vend

The Vend-WooCommerce integration shares product, inventory, customer and sales information between both systems, simplifying daily operations by saving time on manual admin and double-entry. Everything is kept up-to-date between your online and brick-and-mortar stores, so you can be confident that you will only sell stock you have.

Yes, and you should! When linking your Vend account with your WooCommerce store, you may already have existing products in both platforms. If this is the case, you should link these products together so that stock changes are synced between Vend and WooCommerce.

There are three common scenarios when linking your Vend and WooCommerce products. Read our guide for the method best suited to you.

You may not want everything you sell in-store to be on your WooCommerce store. That’s why you can publish selected products to WooCommerce by filtering the products in Vend by product type, tag or brand. You can then select the products you want and publish them to WooCommerce.

For a step-by-step guide, click here.

Definitely. Once you have linked your products, apart from images, weight and collection, your product will always be updated. All other fields (name, price, tags, description, quantity etc.), including new variants to a product, should be edited in Vend when you make updates to your product.

For more information on managing products between Vend and WooCommerce, click here.

Good question. Once a customer makes a purchase on WooCommerce, it will be sent through to Vend to be fulfilled. You can manually pick the item(s) in the purchase or use the Scanner by Vend app for iPhone/iPod to scan and fulfill the order. When you mark the purchase as fulfilled in Vend, it will automatically be synced through to WooCommerce and stock levels adjusted accordingly.

More information on Online Order Fulfillment can be found here.

It sure does! You can combine and sync inventory from multiple Vend outlets and surface this on your WooCommerce store. You can select the inventory from one or more Vend outlets and make this available online for your customers to purchase.

For more on how to set this up, read our guide.

You can use both Vend and WooCommerce on your Mac or PC and iPad.

Vend also has an iOS Register app for iPad and Scanner app for iPhone/iPod.

You can find a list ofrecommended hardware and computer specs here.

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