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Australia’s leading buy now, pay later payment provider

Afterpay is a new payment option in Vend that lets you offer convenient instalment plans in-store without the risk. When customers purchase goods with Afterpay you receive payment for the items upfront while your customers pay in four fortnightly instalments. It’s interest free and when paid on time there are no extra costs for your customers.

Most of Afterpay’s transactions are from returning customers, who shop with Afterpay multiple times in a year. Combine with Vend’s customer management and loyalty features to build your database, grow repeat business and increase your customer lifetime value.

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Boost purchase power

Customers pay only a fraction of the cost up front, making them more likely to spend more. Increase basket size at checkout by offering Afterpay.

Compete with enterprise retail

Vend is the only POS designed for SMB retail to offer a free Afterpay integration in-store. So even up the playing field and let your customers ‘buy now, pay later’.

Help increase new and repeat business

Tap into Afterpay's large customer base. Attract these customers and keep them coming back to your stores.

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Sell more with zero risk

Receive payment upfront while customers pay later. Afterpay bears all fraud and credit risk so you can focus on creating a memorable customer experience without the worry.

Create a seamless checkout experience

It’s easy to setup and use Afterpay in Vend. Simply enter or scan your customer’s unique barcode from their Afterpay app directly into Vend and the sale is done.

Choose best-in-breed

Get the best of modern retail with Vend and Afterpay, together. Take your store into the future and open up the world of ‘buy now, pay later’ to your customers.

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The best independent retailers love using Vend

Vend’s best-in-class POS, multi-store retail, and inventory management software is perfect for stores just like yours. Get the retail advantage to effortlessly sell, manage, report and grow your business in every way.

Frequently asked questions about Afterpay and Vend

The Vend-Afterpay is a Buy now, Pay later feature that is available to Vend customers. Customers purchase goods with Afterpay, you receive payment for the items upfront while your customers pay in four fortnightly instalments. It’s interest free and when paid on time there are no extra costs for your customers. Vend is the first POS for SMB retailers to offer Afterpay in-store!

To find out how to set up Afterpay in Vend, read our guide here.

Not at all! Once integrated, it’s as simple as processing a sale like you normally would and when it comes time to selecting the payment, choosing Afterpay and having the customer present their Afterpay barcode within the Afterpay app to be scanned. Then all you’ve got to do is click accept.

For a step-by-step, click here.

When using Afterpay, the retailer is paid the value in full directly from Afterpay instantly. The customer then pays the full value in four fortnightly instalments, it’s interest free, and when paid on time, there are no extra costs. This means there should be no need to split payments and the customer can pay the full value to Afterpay.

Yes, you can! This will process 100% of the amount paid to you by Afterpay and return the item to stock. Afterpay will then refund the value back to the customer.

For more on processing Afterpay refunds, read theHow to refund an Afterpay sale guide.

We understand that customers may wish to exchange a purchase for another product(s) you sell. To do this, you can refund the initial Afterpay sale, returning the initial item(s) back into stock and processing 100% of the amount paid to you by Afterpay. You can then start a new sale for the item the customer wishes to exchange with and process this with Afterpay!

Learn how to process the refund here.

Vend’s Afterpay integration is available on all Vend plans!

Click here for plan information and pricing.

You can use Vend with Afterpay on your Mac or PC and iPad (Vend Register app)

You can find a list of recommended hardware and computer specs here.

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