Packaging hero Grow more

Multiply your margins

Add growth tools to your arsenal. Sell everywhere - in-store, online, across multiple locations. Keep your customers coming back with advanced customer loyalty and promotions.

Sell everywhere

Open your store to the world by combining Vend’s easy-to-use in-store platform with the world’s leading ecommerce and customer loyalty platforms. Get stock in store fast, and sell it however and wherever your customers expect to buy.
Ecom integration

Sell in the global department store

Connect Vend to powerful ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify or WooCommerce and list your products online in minutes. Explore new markets and discover new customers while Vend takes care of your products, inventory and orders as you take off.

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Manage it all from one place

Manage it all from one place

Watch your online orders fly into Vend without having to jump from one app to another. View the status of new purchases directly in your POS, helping your staff ship products sooner, keeping your customers coming back.


Connect all your moving parts

Complex businesses need flexible solutions. With our suite of deep integrations, build and manage a multichannel retail empire that tracks your customers from their first visit to their last purchase. Use our powerful API to get Vend talking to your other apps the way you want it to.

Vend adapts as your business needs change. Rapidly growing or hosting pop-ups? Add and remove new outlets in the time it takes to say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

Connect with your customers and keep them coming back

Integrations grow more 2

Integrate with world-class customer loyalty and engagement tools

Keep your customers coming back for more by integrating with Vend’s Advanced Loyalty Powered by Marsello. Use email, SMS and loyalty marketing to deliver smart, targeted that increase customer retention