The most advanced POS + ecommerce solution for serious retailers.

Easily manage, optimize, and scale your retail business with Vend + Shopify: a best-of-both-worlds solution built for advanced and multi-location retailers. Connect your Shopify store with the world’s leading multi-store POS for a seamless integration of orders, products, inventory, and customers.

Increase efficiency and maximize profits by easily managing inventory across multiple locations and channels; accessing a real-time overview of sales performance; gaining insights into what’s really selling and where; and growing your business by managing your customer base.

Save time and sell more with the omnichannel solution that grows with you.

Centralize operations

Manage locations and channels in real-time, and handle products, inventory, customers, and sales in one system.

Manage multi-channel inventory

Easily manage inventory in Vend. Select which store and warehouse inventory to combine and sync with Shopify.

Sync products in a single click

Get set up in minutes. Save time only editing information in Vend and updates automatically sync back to Shopify.

View performance in real-time

Easily compare in-store and online performance. Instantly track sales, margins, and inventory across channels.

Maximize profits

Sell more of what’s most profitable. Make informed decisions with deeper insights into what’s selling and where.

Grow your customer base

Build a database of shoppers who discover you online, and identify loyal customers by their shopping habits.

Vend + Shopify feature list

All the tools for advanced and multi-location retailers to sell across multiple channels.

Inventory sync

Make a sale in-store or online, receive new stock, or complete a count; inventory syncs in real-time across locations and systems.

Omnichannel inventory

Choose which inventory you want to display online, whether it’s everything you have or the stock from select stores and warehouses.

Order sync

Orders placed in your Shopify store automatically sync to Vend in real-time, updating your sales ledger and inventory on hand.

Product management

Manage a single catalog across online and offline channels — no more double entry. Choose which products to sell online at the click of a button.

Product import

Quickly and easily import your entire catalog into Vend. Vend instantly syncs product updates to Shopify, so your online store updates in real-time.

Customer updates

Vend creates new customers when Shopify orders are placed and links orders from existing customers with their records in your Vend database.


View sales reports across online and offline operations in a single system. Report on your online sales and customers in Vend.

Why choose Vend as your Shopify POS and retail management solution

Vend POS Vend POS

Sell in-store, online and on-the-go

Open up a shop window to the world with the omnichannel POS perfect for brick & mortar, ecommerce, and mobile retail.

Manage operations efficiently

Control products, prices and customer data across multiple locations, from any connected device.

Report on financials and take action

Track sales, revenue and profit margins by product, brand, staff, or store so you can make the best decisions for your store.

Accelerate your business growth

Scale easily by adding products, staff, registers and stores at the click of a button.

Enjoy award-winning support

From hardware to inventory to growing your business, Vend’s 24/7 global support team is here to help.

Start selling in-store and online in three simple steps

Vend POS

1. Sign up for Vend

Start your free 14 day trial and follow the online setup.

Vend POS

2. Connect Shopify to Vend POS

Use your existing Shopify account or create a new one.

Vend POS

3. Sync your product catalogue

Import your products from Shopify and sync products from Vend in a single click. Now you’re ready to sell!

Vend & Shopify the seamless way to sell more in-store and online.

Sell more from all your stores on every channel.