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Top 50 Retail Influencers

The definitive list of retail influencers worth following in 2015.

Nicole Reyhle

Founder | Publisher | Editor

Founder Retail Minded Magazine. Co-Founder Independent Retailer Conference. @Forbes Contributor. Author of #retail101 from @MHBusiness @ShopSmall SpokesGal 2014

Bob Phibbs


Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor a professional speaker on retail sales, training and marketing. Expert, author, blogger, guru and business makeover specialist.

Shep Hyken

CEO, Customer Service Training, customer service speaker, customer service expert, workshop, seminar

Shep Hyken, customer service expert, business speaker and New York Times bestselling author, helps companies deliver AMAZING customer service and experiences!

George Anderson

Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher

Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher, RetailWire

Clare Rayner


Media Contributor, Speaker, Writer. Retail Expert, High Street Campaigner, Consumer Champion, Business Mentor. Entrepreneur, Investor, Non-Exec.

Doug Stephens

Founder & President

Speaker, author of The Retail Revival and advisor on the future of retail and consumerism. Contributor on AppCentral & CBC Radio. Co-host of The Future In Store

Glynn Davis


Business Writer - chiefly covering the retail industry along with pubs and beer. Founder of http://Retailinsider.com.

Fiona Briggs


Retail business journalist with 20 years' experience, available for freelance editorial projects. Editor of the popular retail news portal Retail Times

Neil Saunders

Managing Director

Managing Director of Conlumino where we analyse all sorts of things to do with retail and consumers. Font fanatic and campaigner against Comic Sans.

Annette Franz Gleneicki


VP, CX @TPDashboard | Blog @CXjourney | #CXPA SoCal Local Networking Event Lead & CX Expert | Ghost Writer | #custexp #empexp #voc #journeymap #leadership

Chris Petersen

Founder & CEO

#Retail & Measurement Consultant. Founder IMS Retail University. Owner IMS Results Count. Photographer: http://chrishpetersen.com LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/eSIaAQ

Tony C. D'Onofrio

Vice President, Global Accounts / Source Tagging

Global visionary connector of Ideas and People for Profitable Life and Business Growth. Views are my own.

Micah Solomon

Author, keynote speaker, customer service speaker, customer experience consultant.

Customer service keynote speaker, customer experience consultant, author. Contributor to http://forbes.com Reach me: 484-343-5881, micah@micahsolomon.com

Jim Roddy


President, @BSMinfo @RetailMag. Author, Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer. #VAR #MSP #ISV #Retail

Francesca StaAna Nicasio


Writer, cheerleader for aspiring writers, wife, friend. Retail Expert and Content Strategist @vendhq. Also the founder of http://BeaFreelanceWriter.com.

Bryan Eisenberg

Founder & CMO

Founder, CMO http://IdealSpot.com, Keynote speaker, best selling author. Dad of 3. Youth #baseball coach http://ProSportsDads.com

Alicia Fiorletta

Senior Editor

Senior Editor for Retail TouchPoints; Channel Marketer Report; columnist for The Aquarian Weekly; music junkie and fashion/beauty lover

Melissa Gonzalez

CEO & Founder

Pop-up Retail Architect and author connecting the digital world w/ immersive brick-and-mortar. Founder of @lionesquegroup, advisor @FotoFwd #popupshop

Georganne Bender


Retail Strategist & Professional Speaker

Karen Webster


CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, President of http://PYMNTS.com, Innovation Advocate

Stan Phelps

Founder and Chief Measurement Officer

Author, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. Designing CX and EX solutions that win the hearts of customers and employees. What's Your Purple Goldfish?

Krystina Gustafson

Content Editor

Content Editor @CNBC. Tweeting about the latest retail news.

Clare O'Connor

Staff Writer

Staff writer at @Forbes. Brit from Bermuda. 50% Niles, 50% C.C. Babcock.

Matthew Pillar


Leader at MPC, a custom B2B marketing content firm. Editor at Integrated Solutions For Retailers and Retail Solutions Online.

Jeff Roster

VP, Industry Market Strategies

Gartner analyst focusing on understanding the technology retailers use & the vendors that make it. Amateur photographer focusing on Live Oak HS sports

Miya Knights

Senior Research Analyst

Twittering senior retail technology analyst at IDC

Ian Jindal

Founder & Editor in Chief

eCommerce and Multichannel Retail. Consultant, publisher, speaker, trainer, NED. http://InternetRetailing.net and @etail@etail @etailexpo @esellermedia

Greg Buzek

Donor Trustee

Retail/Hospitality Technology Analyst, Orphan/Human Trafficking advocate

Debbie Hauss


Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints

Stacey Widlitz


Founder SW Retail Advisors, CNBC Analyst, Found key break free Sell Side, polo player, int store hunter, perma jet- lag, voted twitter top 50 retail influencer

Paula Rosenblum

Retail Technology Research Analyst

Technology-driven customer-centric retail is my passion.

Nick Bubb

Retail Consultant

The legendary Retail Guru and author of The Daily Retailer. Also cricket lover, racing tipster, bookworm, gardener, weather expert and avid newspaper reader!

Barbara Thau

Contributing writer

Business reporter specializing in retail and consumer trends.

Mike Wittenstein

Managing Principal

Mike Wittenstein, customer experience expert, business speaker, and interim CXO. Helps leaders launch and improve their customer experiences.

Tristan Pollock

Entrepreneur in Residence

E.I.R. @500Startups + Co-founder of @Storefront, @SocialEarth. Alum: @AngelPad, @BestBuy, @NDSU, @AUTuni. Minnesotan in SF. #streetart #collcons #socent

Andria Cheng

Retail Reporter

Retail reporter with MarketWatch/WSJ Digital Network, telling not only hard business stories, but also on style, trends and what makes a brand/store tick.

Jon Bird

Global Managing Director

MD of LabStore, Y&R's global retail and shopper marketing network. Jon tweets about all things retail - the new, the notable, the inspiring.

Joe Skorupa

Group Editor-in-Chief

Editor in Chief and Retail Technology Blogger at RIS News on http://risnews.com

Richard Hammond

Managing Director

Tweeting practical retailing stuff - to the tune of the Smart Retail book. Hello!

Kevin Graff


Just the guy who's helped thousands of retailers sell more stuff through their staff. 25 years on stage and now online everywhere.

Ellen Davis

Senior Vice President, NRF and Executive Director, NRF Foundation

SVP @NRFnews & Exec Director, NRF Foundation. Consumer trends junkie. Retail careers champion. Time-starved mom. Balance seeker.

Natalie Berg

Global Research Director

Retail analyst / commentator / author. Especially like talking about supermarkets, online retail and changing shopping habits.

Phillip Russo

Owner / Publisher / Editor

Editor and Publisher of Global Retail Brands magazine.

Stefan Wolpers

Senior Product Manager

Agile coach, product guy, Scrum. Likes everything agile & lean. Mentor at @sbcBerlin. See also @BerlinUp @Snippet42.

Claire Hibbit


Journalist @insideretailau. Views are my own.

Neil Blumenthal

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Loves helping people see - co-founder & co-ceo of @WarbyParker, former director of @VisionSpring, husband of @CricketsCircle

Bryan Gildenberg

Chief Knowledge Officer

Head of Research at Kantar Retail - a global retail research and consulting firm

Sucharita Mulpuru


Analyst at Forrester Research with the online and multichannel retail beat

Andrea Felsted

Senior Retail Correspondent

Senior Retail Correspondent at the Financial Times. Most tweets will be about retail, but all views expressed are my own.

Scott Kreisberg

Host of @Smart Retail internet TV series, and retail expert. Also owner/CEO of @OneStepRetail

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What we mean by “retail influencers”

In developing this list, we defined “retail influencers” as retail innovators and people who consistently create and curate valuable content specifically about retail. They must have a deep understanding of retailers and shoppers, and they should have extensive industry experience.

How you can be part of this list.

To be part of this list, you must live and breathe retail and be consistent in writing or sharing original and valuable content about the retail world. Being relevant is the top factor that we consider. We then look into how big your audience is and how much influence you have on them.

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