Vend’s Top 50 Retail Influencers for 2017.

Vend is back with our highly anticipated Top 50 Retail Influencers list. The 2017 edition puts established influencers alongside new faces — and like last year’s roundup, it features the industry’s most authoritative analysts, reporters, researchers, and consultants. Check them out below!

Here are the retail influencers you should follow in 2017:


Matthew Shay

The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing all retail formats for America’s largest private sector employer.


Bob Phibbs

Bob Phibbs, aka the Retail Doctor. Professional speaker on retail sales, training, and marketing. Author, blogger, business makeover specialist, Harrier hound lover.


Nicole Reyhle

Founder Retail Minded. Co-Founder @RetailerConf. @IBM futurist. @Fiverr Contributor. Author of #retail101 from @MHEducation. @ShopSmall SpokesGal. #alopecia mom


Deborah Weinswig

Retail Tech Guru; Top Wall Street Retail, Retail Tech, and Drugstore/PBM Analyst. Expertise: Emerging Retail Technolgies, Fashion, and Real Estate Trends.


Doug Stephens

Speaker, author of The #Retail Revival, and global advisor on the #FutureOfRetail. Syndicated columnist for CBC Radio. Co-host of The Future In Store.


Mary Portas

Founder of Portas Agency and Mary’s Living & Giving charity shops, broadcaster, retail expert, author of Shop Girl, and highstreet campaigner.


Jason Goldberg

SVP of Commerce at SapientRazorfish; host of Jason & Scot E-commerce Podcast; digital commerce ninja; editor (opinions = mine)


Sucharita Mulpuru

Chief Retail Strategist at Shoptalk. Former retail analyst at Forrester Research.


Neil Saunders

Managing Director of GlobalData Retail and founder of Conlumino where we analyse all sorts of things to do with retail and consumers. Font fanatic and campaigner against Comic Sans.


Maureen Hinton

Group Research Director at GlobalData Retail. Retail analyst: UK, global, all views expressed are my own.


Melissa Gonzalez

Pop-Up Architect™, Retail Strategist, and Author of The Pop-Up Paradigm. Founder of @LionesqueGroup, @IBM Futurist, @ABCNewsRadio contributor #RetailwithMelissa


Stacey Widlitz

Pres SW Retail Advisors, angel investor, CNBC Analyst, Found key break free Sell Side, polo player, int store hunter, perma jet- lag, top 20 retail influencer.


Paula Rosenblum

Technology-driven customer-centric retail is my passion.


Natalie Berg

Retail analyst / commentator / author. Tweeting about future retail trends and changing shopping habits.


Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender

He’s Kizer. She’s Bender. We’re consumer anthropologists, speakers, authors, consultants and all about retail. We’re married... just not to each other!


Clare Bailey

Retail Expert. Director & Co-Founder @MobaroRetailUK. Media Contributor, Speaker, Author of @RetailChampion


Miya Knights

Twittering Head of Global Technology Practice at Planet Retail & Publisher of Retail Technology magazine.


Kasey Lobaugh

Deloitte’s Omni-Channel Retail Practice Leader and Chief Retail Innovation Officer , Board Member


Chris Petersen

#Retail & Measurement Consultant. Founder IMS Retail University. Owner IMS Results Count.


Tony C. D'Onofrio

Top 15 Retail Influencer / Top 25 Retail Website / Global Visionary Connector of Ideas & People for Profitable Business Growth / Views and content are my own.


Kevin Graff

Just the guy who’s helped thousands of retailers sell more stuff through their staff. 25 years on stage and now online everywhere.


Shelley E. Kohan

A retail pundit with an insatiable passion for the industry. Chief Problem Solver, Speaker, Collaborator, Professor. Beware-her enthusiasm is contagious!


Debbie Hauss

Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints


Nick Bubb

The legendary Retail Guru and author of The Daily Retailer. Also cricket lover, racing tipster, bookworm, gardener, weather expert and avid newspaper reader!


Bryan Gildenberg

Head of Research at Kantar Retail - a global retail research and consulting firm.


Andrew Busby

Retail analyst | Founder @RetailReflect & The Retail Advisory Board | #25 UK retail influencer | Advisory Board @4SwiftShift | Futurist @IBM | Views my own.


Debra Templar

Professional speaker, author, retail business coach & consultant. I work alongside retailers in bringing their businesses back to life!!


Bryan Roberts

Insights Director at TCC Global. Personal Tweets about retail, burgers & football.


Andrea Wasserman

Retail, tech & marketing consultant. Led store & e-commerce businesses @Nordstrom @solesociety @hudsonsbay @lordandtaylor @NineWest. Now: start-ups + writing.


Keith Anderson

Forward-thinking insights on retail, ecommerce, online grocery, CPG, and FMCG. SVP, Strategy @Profitero. Previously VP, Advisory @Retailnetgroup.


Laura Heller

Journalist, blogger, retail geek and provider of industry intelligence


Nikki Baird

Retail technology maven


Barbara Thau

Business reporter specializing in retail and consumer trends.


Erin Harris

Editor In Chief at Innovative Retail Technologies.


Sarah Nassauer

Retail reporter at the Wall Street Journal.


Francesca Nicasio

Retail expert and author. Content marketing manager for @vendhq


Steve Dennis

Retail strategy & innovation consultant. Keynote Speaker. Blogger. C-level exec @NeimanMarcus in a past life. Board Chair @SVPDallas. Mentor @UWGroundFloor


Carol Spieckerman

Retail speaker, thought leader & strategist to global suppliers, brand marketers, solution providers & agencies. Future-proofing retail positioning since 2000.


Greg Buzek

Retail/Hospitality Technology Analyst, Orphan/Human Trafficking advocate


George Anderson

Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher, RetailWire


Phil Wahba

Senior writer @FortuneMagazine covering retail and consumer goods. Reuters alum. Obsessed with 26.2, Def Leppard, Muppets, Looney Tunes, Canadiens.


Ben Sillitoe

Editor of @EssRetail. Business, technology, @rbtexpo, LFC, travels, running, Kent. Predominantly retail news, but this is a personal Twitter account.


Leslie Hand

IDC Retail Insights Research Vice President


Chris Brook-Carter

Managing director of Retail Week. Always on the side of retail. Posts are all my own views, so also expect ramblings on music, media and sport.


Krystina Gustafson

Content Editor @CNBC. Tweeting about the latest retail news.


Cate Trotter

Head of Trends at Insider Trends. I help large retailers innovate and create world-leading, profitable retail concepts.


Joe Skorupa

Editor in Chief and Retail Technology Blogger at RIS News on


Alicia Fiorletta

Content Strategist for G3 Communications; Retail TouchPoints; Content4Demand; Demand Gen Report; music junkie and fashion/beauty lover.


Fiona Briggs

Retail business journalist with 20 years’ experience, available for freelance editorial projects. Editor of the popular retail news portal Retail Times.


Matt Pillar

Leader at MPC, a custom B2B marketing content firm. Sr. Exec. Editor at Innovative Retail Technologies magazine.

How did we create the 2017 Retail Influencers list?

How we created the 2016 retail influencers list

To come up with this year’s list, we scoured the web, sought out nominations from the retail community, and used social influencer tools such as BuzzSumo and Klear to identify retail experts.

But we didn’t stop there: we also took a closer look at each nominee to determine just how influential he or she really is. We read their articles, listened to their commentaries, and looked into their contributions to the retail industry, and then we used all these factors to determine their placements on our list.

What we mean by “retail influencers.”

What we mean by retail influencers

The people on this list are the experts who retailers turn to for advice, news, and best practices. They’re constantly sharing insightful content and commentary about the retail industry and actively helping merchants improve their stores.

How you can be part of the list?

How you can be part of the list?

Retail-centricity is important — so if you want to be part of our list, you need to live and breathe retail. Insightful content is another determining factor, so we’ll be looking for published articles, interviews, reports, and speeches. It’s also a plus to have strong media and social presences.

If you’d like to be included in next year’s list or if you’re looking to nominate another expert, please leave a comment below to let us know.