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Vend is now Vend by Lightspeed

Your point of sale and retail management system just got even better.
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Meet Lightspeed — a commerce platform for modern retail

Lightspeed powers high-performing small and medium-sized businesses with its one-stop commerce platform. Over the past 15 years, Lightspeed has grown to serve more than 115,000 customer locations in over 100 countries. Like Vend, they are committed to investing in innovative products and customer service to make their retailers successful. Lightspeed shares the same vision as Vend which means together, we are even better placed to serve you, and all our customers, well.

What this means for retailers like you

"By joining forces, we will power the global transformation of retail and pour our unparalleled collective efforts into the success of our retailers at this pivotal moment in our industry. As a New Zealand-based company, we're proud to be globally recognized for the product and company we have built and are excited about this next step in our journey." - Ana Wight, CEO, Vend
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Vend is getting a color refresh!

As part of our continuous work to make improvements to the platform, we’re working closely with our friends at Lightspeed to update and make some visual changes to the platform.

Don’t worry, Vend’s features and functionalities aren’t changing; we’re just giving it a color refresh. In addition to being consistent with Lightspeed’s brand, the platform now offers an improved ‘dark mode’ feature on the Sell Screen — and the new colors make the interface easier to use! We know that it can take some getting used to, but rest assured that the color change will not impact the functionality of your store and there will be no disruptions to your business.

What's next?

We’ll keep you posted with updates and news in the coming months. As always, you can reach our support team with any questions by clicking here.

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We’ll always have your back

Our retail support team is still here to serve you, so if you have any questions about Vend, need help setting up your POS system, or require any type of assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

You’ll start seeing “Vend by Lightspeed” on our website and products. Other than that, you’ll enjoy the same Vend products and services without disruption. Long-term, you can expect enhancements to the platform and gain access to Lightspeed’s offerings.

Our Support Page is here to help, with thousands of articles and guides to answer your questions. If you’re on a paid plan or are trialling Vend, you can continue to get in touch with us via online chat at or on the phone.

Yes, Vend is now part of the Lightspeed family. Our passion and commitment to retailers remain the same, and we’ll continue to offer point of sale, inventory, reporting, and other features to help you manage your business.