Easy setup and implementation.

Vend is so easy to use, you can actually set up the system yourself. That said, if you do need assistance, know that you have several options when it comes to implementing your POS. You can get help from your dedicated launch specialist (who has first-hand retail experience) or even have a local Vend expert handle all of your setup needs.


A sell screen that’s a joy to use.

Vend’s sell screen is more intuitive and modern so using it is a breeze. We’ve reimagined the checkout process to save swipes, touches and clicks. Create a custom interface using Quick Keys to access your most popular products faster, and ring up sales using a beautiful sell screen that’s sure to wow your customers.


Simple and transparent pricing.

With Vend, you always know what you’re paying for because each of our plans are transparently priced. NCR Counterpoint, on the other hand, doesn’t make its pricing readily accessible. Plus, with our free, no-strings-attached trial period (something that our competitor doesn’t offer), you can test out Vend risk-free and easily scale up (or down) as your business evolves.


Flexible and cost-effective payment processing.

Vend integrates with some of the best payment processors in the world to give you exclusive rates and help you provide a faster and more secure checkout experience. And unlike NCR Counterpoint, which may charge additional transaction fees on top of your merchant processing rates, you won’t have to worry about added costs with Vend.


Robust accounting solutions.

NCR Counterpoint’s basic accounting integrations leave a lot to be desired. Vend, on the other hand, has a robust integration with Xero, which allows you to track profitability in real time, has a two-way customer sync, and automatically syncs daily totals (including cost-of-goods-sold).


Amazing resources to ensure your success.

Vend’s Retail Resource Library is packed with guides, tools, webinars, and other resources that teach retailers how to run better stores. There’s also the Vend blog, which offers some of the best and most informative retail articles on the web and is widely recognized as one of the top blogs in the industry.

The retail solution you’re sure to love.

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Even experts agree: Vend is a top-notch solution for retailers.

“[Vend] has developed an impressive inventory management system, an omni-channel sales approach with both in-store and online capabilities, an extensive list of integrations with third-party software, and an all together well-rounded retail management solution.”

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Vend: the retail platform that helps retail businesses grow.

Vend is an NCR Counterpoint alternative that’s packed with the features retailers need. Vend’s robust tools help you manage your inventory, connect with customers, and drill down in your store data – all while reducing your administrative headaches. Simple to set up and perfectly customizable to your business, Vend is the smart choice whether you have one location or one hundred.

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