Ring up sales faster with Vend.

Vend’s sell screen is far more intuitive than Lightspeed’s, and makes it easier to ring up sales. Adding a product to your open order? Looking for just the right accessory to recommend to a preferred customer? Vend automatically generates search results to help you quickly select the one you want. Unlike Lightspeed’s platform, there’s no new window that pops up to slow you down.


Import multiple products in minutes.

Need to import products in bulk? Lightspeed requires you to email a file to their support team to upload to your account. Vend, on the other hand, lets you import all your products with just a few clicks. We’ll even give you a template so you can get up and running as quickly as possible.


Better pricing, hands down.

Not only are Vend’s pricing plans more affordable than Lightspeed’s, you’ll get more value out of each plan. Consider the fact that Lightspeed charges an extra $59 a month for an online store, while Vend’s Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans come with ecommerce at no additional cost. What’s more, Vend’s top two plans come with unlimited users so you can get your entire team using the software. Meanwhile, Lightspeed makes you pay $9 for every additional employee — and that’s only available on their most expensive plan.


Product variants made easy.

Dealing with product variants (e.g. size, color, etc.) in Lightspeed can be cumbersome because it requires you to set up matrices for each product. With Vend, you can create and manage variants easily. All you need to do is add your variants on the product page and you’re good to go.


Discounting is a breeze.

Need to apply a discount to an open order? You can’t do that in Lightspeed unless you’ve created a custom discount beforehand. Fortunately, Vend makes product discounting smooth and efficient by enabling you to add discounts as you’re ringing up sales. And unlike Lightspeed, there’s no need to jump to a new page to apply the discount. You can do everything in one page, helping you provide a speedier checkout experience for your customers.


Scale quickly with Vend.

Scaling your business is much more efficient with Vend. If you’re opening a new store, for instance, you can set up a new location in your Vend account in minutes and run multiple stores in the cloud. Lightspeed’s process is a bit more cumbersome, requiring retailers to call their sales team every time you want to add a store.


Keep shoppers spending with store credit.

Lightspeed’s cloud solution doesn’t have a store credit feature, so you have limited options when handling returns. With Vend, you can issue store credits easily as part of a return, and give your customers more reasons to come back!


Superior resources to ensure your success.

While Lightspeed offers standard resources, Vend goes above and beyond to educate and empower retailers. Vend’s Retail Resource Library is packed with guides, tools, webinars, and other resources that teach retailers how to run better stores. There’s also Vend U — an educational initiative that gives you access to world-class training videos to help you get the most out of Vend. Access it for free with all our plans.

The best choice for modern retailers.

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“It only took one day of trading to really show us how much better Vend was in comparison to Lightspeed.

Not only did Vend show me in real time what all my shops were taking, who the best sales people were and what products were selling best, but it made all sorts of other detailed reports so easy to obtain.”

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