More hardware options.

Vend makes your life easier by enabling you to do business your way. While Shopify POS requires you to use an iPad, Vend works on any device with a web browser. So whether you have a laptop, PC, or iPad, running your store is a breeze. And in most cases, there’s no need to purchase additional hardware — Vend plays nice with what you already have.


Deeper retail insights.

Vend arms you with all the info you need to run a more efficient and profitable business. You can build your own retail reports and also track critical metrics such as cost of goods sold, basket size, profits, and more. In short, we provide you with deeper retail insights that can help you make smarter decisions.


No additional transaction fees.

Shopify charges a separate transaction fee unless you’re using Shopify Payments. With Vend, you’re free to select one of our integrated payment providers or go with any solution you choose. Either way, we don’t take a cut out of your sales.


Retailer-friendly pricing.

Get more value for your money. Unlike Shopify, which charges an additional $49 for a “Retail Package,” all of Vend’s plans come with important features that retailers need. Plus, with Vend’s free forever plan, you’ll have a lot more time to explore the software without the upfront investment.


Robust capabilities for multi-store retailers.

Running several retail locations? Our software’s multi-store capabilities are far more powerful. Move stock between stores or your warehouse with stock transfers, and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your locations and sales channels. And thanks to full and partial inventory counts, you can keep your stock in check at all times.


Loyalty features to help you connect with shoppers.

Vend offers native tools that enable you to delight your customers. While loyalty features aren’t readily available on Shopify, Vend has a loyalty program right out of the box. Engage your best customers and grow repeat business with your own rewards program that’s powerful, flexible, and easy to join. No need for integrations here (though they’re always available).


Targeted pricing and promotions.

Increase customer happiness and engagement with targeted pricing and promotions. Vend has the built-in capabilities to let you implement sophisticated sales and pricing. For instance, there’s Price Books, a feature that enables you to set custom prices for select groups of customers or stores. With Price Books, you can offer special promotions to loyal customers and run sales in specific shops.

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[Vend] has developed an impressive inventory management system, an omni-channel sales approach with both in-store and online capabilities, an extensive list of integrations with third-party software, and an all together well-rounded retail management solution.

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Vend: the retail platform that helps retail businesses grow.

If you’re looking for a point of sale system for your retail store, Vend is a great Shopify alternative. Vend’s robust tools help you manage your inventory, connect with customers, and drill down in your store data – all while reducing your administrative headaches. Simple to set up and perfectly customizable to your business, Vend is the smart choice whether you have one location or one hundred.

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