12 Tips of Christmas: Black Door Gallery



Black Door Gallery is a curated collection of New Zealand artwork and objects – things of beauty and craft. It’s a special approach that can be seen right from large-scale works, down to greeting cards, jewellery, ceramics and chandeliers. If it’s creative, Kiwi and a work of art – you’ll find it here.

Gallery co-founder Mark Glasgow-Palmer’s top tip for Christmas retail success:

Xmas Tip #4:
“Make the Christmas tree a part of your merchandising.”

“We have these wonderful works that are up-cycled blankets, made into tree decorations. We place them, plus other works into a beautiful tree, so not only does it look good but it helps these great works find new homes,” says Mark.

Do you combine your merchandise with your Christmas decorations? Share your tips with Vend’s community of 8,000+ retailers from around the world in the comments section below.


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