12 Tips of Christmas: Bluebells Cakery



Bluebells Cakery is a bakery which sells pure delight. People walk in and are seduced by the beautifully baked, decorated and presented treats. Karla Goodwin honed her craft, and fell in love with making people happy whilst baking in London’s prestigious Primrose Bakery.

She has a new recipe book just out now (which you can see here) that showcases all the great things she does in her vintage inspired cafe.

Her tip is in keeping with what she does elsewhere in her business, where things are all ready-to-go and lovely to look at.

Xmas Tip #5:
“Have items pre-wrapped so that you make things easy for your customers, and yourself.”

“With my new cookbook I have copies pre-wrapped, so customers can pick them up as gifts. It means I don’t need to spend time wrapping during the busy periods, and that the customers get a little extra special touch,” says Karla.photo (5)

Bluebells CakeryBluebells Cakery Bluebells Cakery Blue Bells Cakery

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