12 Tips of Christmas: Cyco


Cyco is a bike shop which has been winning the retail race by providing amazing customer service to bike-riders for 20 years. Two-wheeled fashions come and go, but going the extra mile and really being part of the cycling community is always in. In the lead up to the Holiday Season, owner Chris Auld has learnt that the most important thing is to be prepared. In this Southern Hemisphere summer business, Christmas is the busiest selling season for bikes.

Chris’ top tip for retailers looking to power through the next few months:

Xmas Tip #3:
“Get the right stock ready, before you need them.”

“With bikes you need to land them and get them assembled and checked out ahead of time,” says Chris.

“December is our busiest month, and each sale can take hours of dedicated staff attention – so there is no time to be putting bikes together at the last minute. You need to be ready to go, because it can be a long cold winter.”

How do you prepare your stock in anticipation of Christmas? Share your tips with Vend’s 8,000+ community of retailers from around the world.

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