12 Tips of Christmas: Deadly Ponies


Deadly Ponies’ small boutiques are making a big statement in the world of high fashion accessories. Painstakingly crafted to perfection (each hide used must pass through 30-plus steps towards its finished state) all of the Deadly designs are of flawless utility and unique beauty. With such skilled craftsmanship, the team at Deadly Ponies is committed to providing their customers with the best possible service and advice on caring for their bags, in turn encouraging the appreciation of leather craft even further.

Carla Calder explains how Deadly Ponies gets their team and their customers in the Christmas spirit with giveaways:

Xmas Tip #10:
“Hold Christmas competitions to engage your customers’ creativity.”

Deadly Ponies runs a 12 Days of Christmas photo competition: a theme is given that corresponds to the inspiration of their latest collection, then customers send in their photos, and win prizes (starting with littler items on the first few days, and then giving away larger more expensive items on the last few days). This helps get customers thinking about Deadly Ponies products as gifts, and gets people hooked on the brand.

Deadly Ponies Deadly Ponies Deadly Ponies

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