12 Tips of Christmas: Generator


Generator is a new way of thinking about office space. Part function venue, part business club and shared workspace – the team at Generator are all about catering to your needs no matter what they are. As well as having a beautifully minimalist bar and lounge, they offer more quirky amenities for customers’ needs (think foosball). As the lead up to the Christmas season approaches, Generator is hosting more corporate Christmas dos than they can shake a stick at.

Micaela Wade took some time out of her busy schedule to give us some words of wisdom for other hosts in a similar situation:
Xmas Tip #12:
“If you’re hosting Christmas parties this year, make sure you have a house rule of ‘Don’t Be A Jerk [we may have altered the word Micaela used, just a tad] in place.”

Christmas parties at your store or business is a great idea, but make sure everyone knows that it is your business – and need to respect the people and property inside. Just don’t be a jerk, and everyone will have a tonne of fun.

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