12 Tips of Christmas: The Village Winery


The Village Winery was originally established in 1994 and operated as New Zealand’s smallest winery, while the suburb it’s located in was still a ‘dry area’. Over the past two decades, its focus has shifted from producing fine local wine to curating fine wines from the world over. As well as hosting regular tasting evenings, The Village Winery also offers freshly baked baguettes and artisan cheeses amongst other gourmet treats in store as a way of showing passion for matching great food with fantastic wine.

Co-owner Jill shares her tip for getting customers involved over the Christmas period:

“Run tasting sessions to help customers find the perfect gift, and to help awaken a passion for your products.”

“Up until Christmas we will have free tastings in store each Saturday from 2pm-6pm,” says Jill.

“Tasting is perhaps the best way to learn about wine. It is certainly the most enjoyable. The in store tasting events provide a relaxed environment for customers to learn the basics and how to get more enjoyment out of wine. The tastings in store also offer us the opportunity to talk to customers about the wines they have tried, which ones they like more than others, which enables us to help identify what characteristics they like about a wine and give good recommendations.

“Of course it’s also a chance to open and share some of our favourite wines with our customers and friends. We like to offer samples of some of the more unusual wines which can be harder to find on the wine lists around town. The same goes for beer, whisky, or any other spirit. Tastings are fun and educational!”

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