Vend wins the supreme award at 2011 NZ Innovators Awards

The Vend team are very proud and humbled after last night winning both the ICT category, and the supreme award, at the 2011 New Zealand Innovators Awards.

And probably a little bleary-eyed too, if we’re being honest. 

Image courtesy of Idealog

Thanks to Idealog, and all the other sponsors, for putting on a fantastic night. We heard introductions from some inspiring individuals, including the former CFO of Microsoft and General Motors, Chris Liddel, and were fortunate to meet people from many well known & innovative Kiwi businesses.

Up against such competition, winning the overall award was both a surprise, and a great honour (and kind of exciting..). And while awards may not really mean as much to a business as happy customers, and building a great product & team, a comment from Louise Webster of Ideas Accelerator, a founding organiser of the event, is worth repeating.

Though New Zealanders are not generally comfortable congratulating themselves on their achievements “’s important to pause and reflect on what innovation means for business and New Zealand.”

In country with a proud history of innovation in science, agriculture, engineering and marketing, this award feels like shared recognition for New Zealand’s emerging tech sector. We have high hopes for the industry, and it’s nice to know that the wider business community does too. We are proud to be a part of it.

So thank you to all our well wishers on Twitter and on the night, but above all thank you to our customers. We will continue to work hard at making Vend the world’s best point of sale software. 

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