Apple launches ‘cloud’ into the mainstream

On Monday this week (7th June), at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs clearly stated his vision for the future of personal computing, and it’s all in the cloud.

With the announcement of iCloud, Jobs not only positions cloud as the future of computing, he almost takes ownership of the word itself, changing it overnight from geek-speak jargon into an easy-to-understand, mainstream concept.

This comes on the back of some exciting technology news over the last few weeks in the mobile payments and point of sale industries.

And while some commentators have been speculating about an impending battle between Job’s vision, based on personal devices (iPhone, iPad etc) and apps sharing data across iCloud, and Google’s master-plan for computing based on browsers and web apps, both models are really only different means to the same end: a world where the personal computer is ‘just a device’, and the ‘hub your your digital life’ is stored remotely and securely, accessible from any platform, in any location with a half decent internet connection.

And this is a world that we at Vend have been eagerly preparing for.


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