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As a company one of our priorities from the very beginning has been to provide not merely excellent, but genuinely delightful customer service. We’re so committed to this standard that we publicly share our live customer satisfaction rating for all the world to see. No sweeping bad days under the rug. And, naturally, sounding all the bells and whistles when we have good days (which is quite a lot!).

So it’s with great pleasure we announce Vend has won a Bronze Stevie Award for best Global Customer Service Team in the 2014 International Business Awards!

And also, a big chummy shout out to fellow NZ startup-gone-global, Xero, for securing the same prize in the same category. Awesome sauce!

This is only the beginning of what is a concerted and massive effort at Vend to provide the world’s very best customer support of all time ever. Definitely watch this space because amazing things are coming that go above and beyond traditional support.

And as for the Stevies? We’re going back for gold!





About Sharad Mohan

Sharad is the Chief Customer Officer at Vend, and responsible for making sure we're bringing delight to our fantastic retailers. Sharad's goal is to enable our retailers to do awesome business through amazing support, great resources and training, and an experience next-to-none. You can follow Sharad on Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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