Awesome add-ons | A new ecosystem of applications

There are many reasons business owners are moving their operations to the cloud. Accessibility. Scaleability. Usability. Portability. Customisability. Affordability. Compatibility. Awesome-ability.

Then there is the wonderful world of the add-on(ability).

What is a product add-on? And what can it do for your business?

A product add-on is an external application that “talks” to Vend in order to automatically share key information. For instance, when you integrate your Vend POS with Xero accounting, your sales are automatically posted to Xero. Which means you don’t have to spend hours entering figures yourself.

Different add-ons do different things.

You may need an add-on for core business operations – like Timely, Xero or Shopify. Timely integrates appointment software with Vend, to simplify product and customer management. Shopify is an ecommerce platform. Integrating Vend and Shopify means you can track sales and inventory centrally from Vend.

Then there are the apps that give you insights into your business operations. PeopleMine provides a wealth of customer metrics so you can create targeted marketing campaigns and promotions – and gain customers for life.

Finally, there are apps that help you add value to your current operations. Like ShoppinPal. ShoppinPal allows your customers to create gift registries, share their shopping baskets, and review your products for other customers to see. It moves the online functionality customers love into your physical store. Which is amazing.

And right now, ShoppinPal is in beta and looking for testers. Which is a great way to get your foot in the door and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Calling all beta testers!

Beta-testing new add-ons is a great way to keep ahead of the curve, and on top of the game. Plus, it makes your life even easier as beta-testers typically have the onboarding process taken care of for them, and often get great promotional rates as well.

If you are interested in beta-testing new Vend add-ons, just subscribe to our Beta Forum. You’ll be informed of every opportunity as it rears its wonderful head.

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