Balancing on a Cloud – A User’s Guide to Work-Life Blend

There is a lot of buzz around cloud computing recently. While millions of people are enjoying the freedoms and benefits offered by cloud-computing, many aren’t sure what the cloud actually does – and why it’s important.

In a nutshell, cloud computing takes your systems, files, data and software and makes them accesible from any device, anywhere, at any time. Which means cloud computing makes getting things done easy.

With Vend and other cloud business apps, small business owners are discovering a welcome new ability to productively blend their work with their personal lives.

Here’s the story of one such customer. We’d love to hear yours, too.

Article by Janice Mckay of Timaru Yamaha & Spring Lynne Motorcycles

Each year it seems everyone is so much busier.

My husband and I are no different. We have a lot more on our plates than ever, with two little daughters and two growing businesses. We are both workaholics, but since having children, I am now starting to see the benefits of rest. So why have I returned from maternity leave to manage Spring Lynne Motorcycles after only three months, instead of the planned twelve?

It’s pretty simple; with the cloud I can do everything I need to from home.

With the cloud I can track inventory, watch cash-flow and manage payroll all from home, while my youngest daughter sleeps peacefully in her own bed. As long as the toddler of the house is at preschool, I’m at home working and just as productive as usual. The cloud has allowed me to enjoy a bit of balance.

As I get busier I believe more and more that rest, recuperation, and play (if used moderately) increase productivity. “Individuals who are working flat out with no time for pause or reflection are likely to have fewer opportunities for what Einstein called ‘combinatorial play’ with reduced creativity as the inevitable consequence.” So even Einstein must’ve taken a few breaks! And that makes me feel better about subscribing to the ‘work smarter and not harder’ adage. (Source)

But it wasn’t just time-saving that first turned us to cloud-based operating systems. It was money-saving. We wanted to keep set-up costs down for the opening of our second store, Timaru Yamaha in October 2011. We settled on using Vend for point-of-sale, and loved it. We avoided  a lot of stress by working from home before the doors had even opened. Now that we’ve experienced how simple and powerful Vend is to use, there’s no looking back.

Learn more about how the cloud is simplifying the ways business owners work, play, share and sell.

It’s true that in business time does equal money. But having more time doesn’t mean we have to fit it in with more… jobs – what about just talking, thinking and being creative? Lately I’ve been reflecting and I wholeheartedly agree with Professor Sharon Beder when she writes, “What this world needs is not more work – it needs more wisdom. To have a culture of wisdom, we need a society in which people have time to contemplate, time to think about the problems and time to talk about the solutions.” (Source)

So with each year as we get busier, we can thank smart phones, the cloud, and other technology for bringing us clever ways to create more time.

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