Barcodes, barcodes, barcodes (and some other stuff too…)

We released a couple of minor updates overnight. One of which is a little experimental, but it’s such a popular request (and a top five search on our helpdesk) that we had to let our Vendors know about it.

Until today, you could only print multiple barcodes to thermal, receipt-style label printers (Zebra is a popular model), one per line. We’ve just added some standard A4 Avery-style label formats, so you can bulk print barcodes to a deskjet or laser printer. To many of you, this may not mean much. But to a handful of customers (and those manning the support lines) this is a BIG deal.

Read the article in our knowledge-base on how to set your default label format.

If we haven’t included your favorite label format, let us know, and we’ll endeavor to add it as a template.

The other small product updates include;

  • Sales reports now include gross margins as a percentage, as well as dollar figure.
  • Variants can now be grouped by ‘handle’ (or master product) in product reports.

^ Nick

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