Be a multi-channel retailer: 5 ways you can add e-commerce to Vend


Vend isn’t just great for selling things in your store, it also partners up nicely with a wide range of e-commerce solutions which means you can sell online too.

There are many benefits to adding e-commerce to your retail arsenal – being open for business at all hours, having a shop window that’s available to the entire world, and selling your products to a whole new customer base. Being a multi channel retailer is more important now than ever. Today’s customers are looking to buy your goods in person and also online, on the shop floor or on their mobile devices: being able to sell physically and virtually is vital.

We’re here to help! Check out these five ways to become a multi channel retailer and then look to see what else you can do. Vend partners with more than 200 add-ons which do everything from help book salon appointments to manage warehouse inventory. You can check out more of our partners here.



Magento is a flexible and highly customisable e-commerce platform used by stores from around the world. It features loads of add-ons to help out even the most niche of retailers and Vend integrates with it using a third-party service called Vortex.



Stitchlabs is a clever tool that can add many e-commerce solutions to your Vend store. For example, it’s great if you are wanting to use Bigcommerce or Amazon. Stitchlabs also connects your Vend inventory to popular online marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy and StoreEnvy, to offer true multi channel commerce, and help you find new customers.

Stitch is smart and effective inventory management for clever clothing stores. It tracks inventory movements and sales to help you make good decisions about what’s performing well and what could do better.

Stitch and Vend work together to make sure your inventory is up to date and accurate in all locations. You can pool inventory from one or many locations, or even connect multiple separate Vend accounts. Sales, invoices and inventory levels sync between both services in real time.



Shopify gives store owners the tools they need to sell stuff online, taking care of the technical side so you can focus on growing your business.

Vend syncs products, prices and inventory with Shopify to keep your store organised online and in real life.



Dremus is everything you need to set up and run your e-commerce store. Simply choose a store template look, upload your products and set the payment methods and you can be selling online in minutes.

If you are using Vend already you can add all your products to your Dremus store in one click. Stock is managed between the two so if a sale happens on one the stock updates in the other. It’s like living in the future!

Right now Dremus is offering Vend users a free trial.

Custom to … Anything!

If you are wanting to build your own integration that is totally possible too, using our API.

If you have a tame developer to help you there is pretty much no limit to what you can make Vend do for you!

Our API is having a big spruce-up at the moment, and we always love to hear what you are wanting to do, so drop us a line on for more details.

These are just a few of the ways you can add online sales to your in-store POS. Be sure to check out all the other ways that you can make Vend work even better for your special business needs here.

About Simon Pound

Simon Pound is a retailer that also looks after brand & communications at Vend, a point-of-sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software that helps over 15,000 stores manage and grow their business. Stories from his label can he found here. Connect with Simon on Google+.