Bizelo centralized inventory add-on for Vend

It’s a competitive world. Retailers aren’t just selling to the customers who walk into their brick and mortar shop anymore. They’re also reaching new markets through multiple online channels, on services like Shopify, Magento, Ebay, and Etsy (to name a few). It can get messy… but it doesn’t have to.

Bizelo, a new Vend add-on partner, offers business owners a tool to easily sync inventory across all channels, on and offline. Whether you have 2 warehouses, 4 stores and 3 ecommerce platforms, by enabling Bizelo for Vend, all stock can be managed centrally.  Sell an item in Shopify or Ebay, and it reduces inventory in Vend, and vice versa. You can even connect and synchronise inventory across multiple Vend, Shopify and other online accounts.

It’s an exciting new world of multi-channel commerce out there.

Other things Bizelo can help with:

  • Centralized Inventory Management
  • Simplified Product Pick & Pack
  • Easy Shipment Tracking
  • Inventory & Shipping Insight
  • Manage Your Supplies

Check out Bizelo’s blog for a step by step guide to integrating Bizelo with Vend.

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About Tara Benedict

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