By-Walski: “Bricks and mortar is no longer enough”

Shoreditch-based boutique By-Walski shares their story from surf to snow, London to France, and in-store to online – with Vend and Ecommerce. 

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By-Walski, an ‘urban surf’ and extreme sports shop based in Shoreditch East London, is an innovative independent retailer turning what was an experimental store concept into a unique and thriving business.

Inspired by a passion for extreme sports and an interest in promoting artists, creators and unique up and coming surf brands, Owner and Founder Franck Bywalski established the store as a way of bringing these elements to a previously untapped urban audience. Going into its third year of trading, the store has gone from strength to strength, and has recently diversified with an online store, using Vend Ecommerce to host all of the store’s stock online.

Marlene Jordaan-Hart, Store Manager at By-Walski shares their story:

“Owning and running the By-Walski store is only half of what our owner Franck Bywalski does for a living. When not in the store, he’s out working with some of the world’s most talented extreme sports athletes in some of the world’s most stunning yet remote locations. He often needs to check in on the business on his travels, and because Vend is cloud-based he can instantly log in and see the store’s performance whether he’s on a mountain or a sandy beach. He’s able to see information such as which products are selling well and when, inventory, stock orders and even customer profiles.

“Its flexibility is only part of the reason why Franck chose to use Vend in our store. By-Walksi is very much a concept store, merging urban city life and surfing for the first time in London, so we need to be able to keep a close eye on what is or isn’t selling and make buying decisions quickly. Vend lets us do this with the press of a button, and we can easily see sales and product information in great detail and get a complete picture of the day’s trading.

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“As any competitive retailer knows, having a bricks and mortar store is no longer enough – you have to be online too.”

Vend have been invaluable in helping us transition into an omnichannel retailer. With Vend’s Ecommerce platform that links in with our instore POS, we’re able to list everything online that we have instore, and monitor all our stock movements together so we always know what we have available.”

 “Vend has certainly played a part in helping us get set up quickly and operate in a really slick and professional way. When the group recently opened up a store for our sister brand, EQ, in Biarritz, France, it was a no brainer for them to stick with Vend, and getting the whole store up and running was so quick and easy.”

Key benefits for By-Walski using Vend: 

  • Using Vend Ecommerce they can now sell to the whole world, and it integrates with their physical stores, providing better stock management across the business
  • Are able run their stores far more efficiently than before
  • The team can access to real-time in-store analytics
  • They can use this data to see which lines aren’t selling and swap them for those that will perform the best
  • Management can now monitor the store’s performance whenever and wherever they are – even from the top of a mountain!



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