Vender of the week: Caribou Baby

Every week we post a quick profile of one of our many interesting customers worldwide.

Who: Caribou Baby

Where: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA

What: Caribou Baby offers products and classes for pregnancy, birth preparation and parenting, as well as baby supplies and toys, carefully selected to encourage simple and healthy living.

Love your customer: We love babies, and we love Brooklyn, NYC! Caribou Baby, which is owned by husband & wife Greg and Adriane Stare, has a goal of supporting young, city dwelling folk through the challenges of early parenting, in a welcoming environment, with a focus on intuitive parenting and sustainability. Something which resonates dearly with many of us here at Vend. And Greg is an active member to our community and product feedback forums, which we always welcome.

Love your POS: We’ve really been thrilled with Vend and are happy to contribute to it’s development.  We moved over from our old POS and have never looked back.” – Greg Stare, Caribou Baby

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