The Hunt for Coffee

I have always loved coffee, and thought I knew about coffee until I started virtually hanging out with my friends at Xero and Vend.

After reading the blog by Nick and the exchange with Xero’s Community Manager, Catherine Walker about coffee, I thought it was cute, but I still didn’t ‘get it.’

Before making my way to San Francisco to join the fabulous team here, I called a rural town in Florida my home.   During that time, “The best part of waking up….” was map questing my way to a franchise coffee shop several miles (or kilometers) away.

Catherine has been kind enough to take me under her wing and teach this rural, American girl a thing or two about urban life and coffee.

She introduced me to the Epicenter Cafe.  Wow!  One, 8oz cappuccino, and I am ruined. Apparently, I have been drinking instant coffee my entire life.


Each day, I am finding more and more wonderful, independent coffee houses across America using Vend.   After looking at your websites and engaging with you, I’ve found that you know coffee!   But, I haven’t found any of you in Las Vegas.

We need your help!   Next week, we will be in Las Vegas for the Sleeter Conference.   Can you recommend where we can locate a real 8 oz cappuccino?


About Nick Houldsworth

Chief Marketing Officer at Vend. Husband. Father of three. Beard grower. Mandolin player. Tuesday drinker. Love helping retailers the world over grow great businesses.