Creating Customer Loyalty With Collect & Vend


This is a guest post from our friends at Collect.

When it comes to encouraging customer loyalty, there’s a few must haves that you just can’t overlook. Of course, you have to start with your product offering. For your customers to keep coming back to shop with you, they must love what you’re offering. And there’s the obvious, a loyalty program to help you reward repeat purchase. But, what about good ol’ customer service?

Your customers should enjoy their experience shopping in your store. After all, if they don’t enjoy it, why would they come back?

We talked to Finn Puklowski of multi-site candy store – United Sweets, to find out how they use Vend and Collect, and learned a lot about how for United Sweets “it’s all about the customer”. They talk about creating customer loyalty through a great customer experience and friendly staff who recognize each customer with the help of Vend and Collect. “We’ve taken the experience of a good small town owner-operator barista, and put it into a candy store”.



Key take aways:

  • Using smart tools, such as Vend and Collect, you can help your staff carry out smooth transactions over the counter, while rewarding customers for their purchases. “In-store we can bring up our customers’ accounts instantly, which gives us the ability to acknowledge customers like we know them.”
  • Recognizing your customers and creating a personalized in-store experience strengthens customer relationships.
  • Create loyalty rewards that your customers love to encourage them to shop with you. “It’s all about the customer”
  • Use the data your loyalty program collects to create targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns and push notifications. “Using Vend and Collect we know who our customers are and what they’re buying. We can really reach out to them and market to them in a really relevant way.”

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About the Author: Natasha Mazey is a retail loyalty and marketing expert at Collect. Helping retailers of all sizes deliver a better customer experience, connect with customers, and build loyal relationships.

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