Custom Widget from When I Work

“Widget” is possibly the best word in the English lexicon. But did you know aside from being an amazing word, a widget is also a great way to customise your Vend dashboard?

Widgets allow you to view external sites or applications right from Vend, so you can track other parts of your business centrally.

With the When I Work widget, you and your employees can view daily staff rosters from Vend. Your staff can even request time off right from the widget. Which is pretty cool!

Adding the widget is easy. You can be up and running with When I Work in minutes. Just click the Custom Widgets button in the grey bar at the top of your dashboard and paste in the link:

You can add the widget now, and trial When I Work for free, to see how you like it.

Learn how to set up your When I Work widget.

Not just a Vend dashboard widget, When I Work leverages the web, mobile apps, text messaging, social media, and email to simplify employee scheduling and improve communication between you and your staff.

Find out more about When I Work.

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