Customer Fields, Notes on Receipts, Multi User Switching & More

There’s some goodness in the latest Vend version, 1.59.38, which was released to all customers overnight. Here’s a round-up of the best:


We’ve added new customer fields, including Twitter, Email, Website, a section for free-form notes, and some custom fields you can populate with whatever you like. All these fields are available when you add a customer at the sell screen, which you can do using a cute new ‘+’ button.

If you add an existing customer to a sale, you can now click their name to quickly view all their details (see photo above). Which should make it easier to ensure you’ve added the right customer!

Notes on receipts

Very hot this one! Under Setup -> Outlets and registers, you can choose to print any notes you add to a sale to the customer receipt. Table numbers, product serial numbers, text from your favorite corporate motivational poster… the choice is yours. Go crazy!

Multi user switching

This has been in for a week or so, but we wanted to highlight it. If you operate a register with more than one user at a time, and like to keep a close eye on staff sales, then under Setup -> Outlets & Registers, you can configure to ‘Prompt for new user’ after each sale, allowing for faster, more trouble-free multi-user operation.

Export sales history to CSV

Under the sales ‘History’ tab is a new Export button. You can search, refine and export your sales history to a CSV file. Handy for offline reporting, or importing into another application.

Other features and bug fixes

For a full round up of features and bug fixes in Vend product release v1.59.38, please read the release notes.

Thanks, from the Vend team!

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