Customer notice: change to account sales posting to Xero

We’ve made a slight change to the way Vend posts account sales through to Xero. This is to streamline the process of reconciling register closures, and future payments which are applied to account sales. 

A help article on our knowledge-base explains the process. But the key changes are

  1. When an account sale is completed in Vend and posted to Xero, it is automatically marked as ‘Approved’
  2. Payments made against account sales in Vend will credit the corresponding Xero invoice.
  3. Sale items are not posted through in the EOD closure report.
  4. Any account sale payments will still appear in the ‘Total Payments’ received for the day (to make it easy to count takings) but will also have a corresponding ‘credit’ line, so that only ‘Non-Account’ payments debit the payment clearing account.

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