Cut out the clicks! Save time with bookmarks & Vend

Article by Lauren Taylor

Browser bookmarks are pretty awesome. You can use them to quickly navigate to your favorite blogs, news sites, online recipe books or anywhere else online. But did you know you can also use bookmarks to effortlessly move from point to point within Vend?

We try to make navigating Vend as painless as possible. But sometimes even three clicks to get where you need to go is a chore when you’re busy. One of the great things about web-based software is how easy it is to bypass those clicks. Just bookmark your most frequented pages!

For instance, over 50% of Vend users still log into their accounts from As beautiful as our display is, you may want to bookmark your login portal and not take so many steps.

Check out our guide to bookmarking in Vend-friendly browsers Google Chrome, Apple Safari and iPad.

Some pages we recommend bookmarking:

  • Vend secure login portal, i.e. – which will also take you directly to the sell screen if you already logged into your account.
  • Stock-takes page
  • Stock transfers page
  • Add Product page
  • Or anything else! There’s no limit to the number of bookmarks you can create.

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