Designing Discounts for Vend Point of Sale

This is a guest post by Vend certified partner, Kara Haas CPA. Say hello to Kara over at her website,

Looking for ways to reward loyalty and retain customers?

Recently, I observed different ways that users are maximizing the flexibility of Vend to deliver and track discounts.

Global Discount on a Receipt

  • Ring up sales, select discount button and apply a percentage off to the entire sale.

Discount Select Items on a Receipt

  • Ring up items that are to be discounted, select discount, apply discount percentage (must be uniform), continue ringing up full price items and complete sale.

Quick Keys

  • Program an item as a quick key to offer a dollar amount discount by using a negative amount in the supply and retail prices.

Price Books

  • Use Customer Groups and Price Books to schedule special holiday sales or to reward a particular group.

Assign Points for Purchase

  • I saw this idea in the forum and really like it.  Create a zero cost/sale item and “sell” the number of points the customer earns on the purchase.

Care to share?  How are you rewarding customers?

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