The Digital Receipt Revolution Is Here With Star Micronics AllReceipts

At Vend we aim to give retailers the tools to provide a truly remarkable customer experience. And as modern shoppers increasingly demand ease of purchase and less friction at checkout, being able to offer mobile receipts is now a big part of creating that exceptional in-store experience.

That’s why we work with Star Micronics, a leading provider of sleek and reliable point of sale hardware, such as printers, and proof of transaction technology.

And now they are offering their suite of digital receipt and customer engagement tools free to all retailers using Star printers with Vend! 

That means you’ll be able to take advantage of Vend’s new integration with AllReceipts – a digital receipt solution that lets shoppers store and manage receipts on their mobile device. Using Star Cloud Services’ Micro Receipt feature, you can provide shoppers in your store with a simple QR code printed receipt (also saving up to 80% in receipt paper) which they can then scan into the AllReceipts app.

Retail staff will be able to serve customers from the shop floor and provide a digital receipt right to their smartphone, without the need to take down customer details. Plus, AllReceipts helps retailers increase engagement with their customers and gather useful data – for example, in the app you can share a survey asking shoppers to rate their experience with you.

One of our totally amazing New Jersey based retailers The Sunglass Menagerie has been using Star Micronics and Vend together in their six store locations, and are seeing big benefits so far:

“Now everything runs so much more smoothly at checkout and we have far better inventory control. It’s comforting to know that we can rely on the system and our printer when making a sale, and our employees really understand and enjoy using it.” Colton Karch, Store Leader. 

Star Cloud Services explains it further: “With this new solution, we are offering much more than just a digital receipt service. We are providing tools to help increase customer engagement, and the ability to personalize the customer experience, at no cost to the retailer.” David Sailsbury, VP of Sales and Marketing.

For more information on Star Micronics with Vend, watch the video below! And to see which Star printers work with your Vend POS, visit here.

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