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featured quickbooks online proadvisor beth daimis

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Today is the big day at QuickBooks Connect, and we’ve got one more ProAdvisor to feature, Beth Damis, of Bookkeeping by Beth. Beth (and all the other Featured ProAdvisors are attending QB Connect, so give them a shout!

Onto Beth’s answers!

How long have you been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

I joined the ProAdvisor program in 2008.

What sorts of clients do you specialize in serving?

My business has changed a lot in the last 8 years-I do very little bookkeeping now and a lot of training, troubleshooting, and process improvements. I also consult with 3rd party applications to help their products interact better with QuickBooks and to suggest improvements which benefit accountants and their end users. Some of my favorite clients are accounting departments and accountants who understand accounting and want to learn how to use QB better to support their businesses and their clients.

How has becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor impacted your business?

The ProAdvisor program has had a huge impact on my business! I do support other accounting packages but for 8 years QuickBooks has been about 90% of my client base. Having instant access to tech support, training materials, and software has made it possible to maintain my knowledge even through changes to the many versions of software they produce.

QB Connect is coming up, and will bring together accountants, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and developers in a way that hasn’t happened before. What unique opportunities do you think the event will bring?

I’m so excited to go to QB Connect! I attend many learning events, live and online, one of my favorites is Intuit’s annual online conference so to have a live event that I can attend with my accounting friends is Awesome!

There is a vibrant and growing ecosystem of cloud-based for QBO – including everything from TSheets, Constant Contact, Tallie, and Vend. With technologists, startups, and accountants coming together to serve small business, how is the cloud opening new opportunities for accountants and small businesses?

I think being an accountant is no longer enough. I am an accounting technology and process improvement specialist for my clients. I do the research and the testing year round to make sure I have a tool box of solutions and opportunities for my clients. It’s exciting that there is such a large variety of solutions available to address every business need I have come across so far.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the ProAdvisor community in the next year?

Many of us in the ProAdvisor community are so stuck in NEEDING QBO to look and act like QB Desktop, we are falling behind. I get calls all the time looking for QBO support because their bookkeeper/accountant refuses to use it. I think the biggest challenge is for folks to get outside of their comfort zone and start learning something new. I’ve been using QBO to run my own business and have a number of clients using it that are extremely happy with the product. We need to support our clients with the products that work for them-not the products we happen to have a history with.

What’s your #1 piece of advice you’d give to other ProAdvisors to make the most of QB Connect?

Talk to strangers!!! The greatest part of these conferences is the amazing friendships I have made. I loath the term, networking, and I’m not talking about networking-I’m talking about real friends who I can turn to when I need someone who understands me. We support each other in business and in our personal lives. I can’t wait to meet new people at QB Connect!

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