Featured Partner: Patrick Hussey, Good Society Ltd

Vend partners are a network of certified resellers all over the world, available to give hands on help and ongoing support to retailers getting started with Vend. Find out more about the benefits of partnering with Vend.

Who: Patrick Hussey, Good Society Ltd

Where: Dunedin, New Zealand

What:  ”In partnership with Vend and the Otago Chamber of Commerce I hosted an event in Dunedin to share with local businesses the positive experiences I had had so far with Vend.  PE & Nick from Vend attended in person. Their presence was respectfully appreciated by these businesses owners who often feel at odds with support from technology providers that are usually from another culture and time zone.  I have since followed up with 5 businesses from this event and ALL of them are planning to build Vend into their businesses in the near future.  The event attracted others within the SaaS industry also which is obviously positive.  I felt the day to be a great success for all involved and as a partner allowed me to build the basis of a great relationship with Vend”

Why Vend? ”I have been working with Vend for almost 2 years from when I first trialled their cloud POS for a cafe in Dunedin.  It was immediate how nice this software was – with an innate intuition and workflow that separated it from any other comparative product.  I chose to partner with Vend about 6 months ago because I recognised the opportunity it offered to lead small businesses into a total cloud based integrated business systems.  Vend’s growing number of fantastic software integrations mean that there is a real possibility for business to step away from over scaled, over priced site based systems that require/receive dated support and long term maintenance agreements.  Vend are a major contributor to this evolution for small to medium businesses.” – Patrick Hussey 

Patrick Hussey from Good Society Ltd (left) & PE from Vend (right)

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