Featured QuickBooks ProAdvisor – Jan Haugo

Jan Haugo

In the lead up to QB Connect this October, Vend is reaching out to some leading and well known QuickBooks ProAdvisors to hear how they got started, and get their take on the world of accounting technology, and thoughts on the opportunity of QB Connect. We’re kicking off this series with Jan Haugo, of Jan Haugo and Associates, who shares her history as a ProAdvisor and gives some fantastic advice about making the most of the upcoming conference.

How long have you been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

I have been a QB ProAdvisor since I sat on Intuit’s Accountants Council in 2010. I quickly learned the value of the ProAdvisor membership and joined. I haven’t looked back and I am happy every year that I am a ProAdvisor.

What sorts of clients do you specialize in serving?

I serve legal firms across the country and service industry firms.

How has becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor impacted your business?

Becoming a ProAdvisor has enriched my business with the ability to work and meet other ProAdvisors. The education and the level of experience introduced in the program have helped me to raise my wealth of knowledge and support my customers to a far superior success factor / rate.

QB Connect is coming up, and will bring together accountants, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and developers in a way that hasn’t happened before. What unique opportunities do you think the event will bring?

I believe that the ecosystem will open up opportunities for all people in the community. The ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of the way the systems run independently and run cohesively will generate a richer experience for all involved. The community will be a think tank of wisdom.

There is a vibrant and growing ecosystem of cloud-based solutions for QBO – including everything from TSheets, Constant Contact, Tallie, and Vend. With technologists, startups, and accountants coming together to serve small business, how is the cloud opening new opportunities for accountants and small businesses?

I believe the opportunities are endless. The opportunities are just what every person in the community can make out of them. With that being said, so many avenues are being created to earn and learn. Each person’s/company’s experience is different and unique and can be as plentiful or as minimal as they develop it.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the ProAdvisor community in the next year?

The ProAdvisor community must face forward to lead the growth for SMB’s. The technology and the understanding of what is about to occur is a scary proposition to a SMB. The path is much easier if you have a trusted advisor and a leader beside you. That is what the ProAdvisor community must become. ProAdvisors must provide guidance and knowledge to those seeking out understanding of what is about to occur in order to develop their own business as well as the SMB.

What’s your #1 piece of advice you’d give to other ProAdvisors to make the most of QB Connect?

Don’t get overwhelmed. Take in the experience of QB Connect to learn as much as you can and ultimately make sure you enhance the experience by meeting and working with others from the ecosystem. The relationships that you develop at QBConnect will benefit you down the road and also increase the depth of the experience.

Thanks so much, Jan!

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