Featured QuickBooks ProAdvisor – Danetha Doe

Featured QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor - Danetha Doe

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This week we’re chatting with Danetha Doe, a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor based out of Oakland, California. Danetha is one of the super active folks on the #QBOChat, and well, as a former NFL cheerleader she’s pretty active all-around. Let’s get her take on the ProAdvisor community and QuickBooks Connect!

How long have you been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

I’ve been a ProAdvisor since 2014 and have been using QuickBooks for over 5 years.

What sorts of clients do you specialize in serving?

I specialize in working with clients who consistently launch new products, services or apps. They tend to fall in the technology, health & beauty, or fashion industries.

How has becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor impacted your business?

Being a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor adds a lot of credibility to my practice and has given me opportunities to teach accounting at incubators and provide consulting services to established businesses.

QB Connect is coming up, and will bring together accountants, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and developers in a way that hasn’t happened before. What unique opportunities do you think the event will bring?

This is an absolutely amazing opportunity for everyone involved in the industry to learn how we can best support each other’s services. Technology is rapidly changing the art of accounting and it’s great that developers will be able to hear firsthand what small business owners and accountants need to run more efficient businesses. Additionally, QB Connect will continue to build the relationship shift between accountants and their clients- from transactional to collaborative.

There is a vibrant and growing ecosystem of cloud-based for QBO – including everything from TSheets, Constant Contact, Tallie, and Vend. With technologists, startups, and accountants coming together to serve small business, how is the cloud opening new opportunities for accountants and small businesses?

The cloud is allowing accountants to finally be the trusted advisor to businesses who want to grow their revenues and create financial stability. Previously, financial professionals were so bogged down in the transactional tasks, that they could not give advice to their clients on how to take their businesses to the next level. With technology, accountants can now specialize in verticals or business processes, and share their knowledge with various clients within these specialized areas. Small business owners can now trust that their financial data is current and accurate, and rely on their accountant to offer a more holistic approach to cash flow management and business strategy.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the ProAdvisor community in the next year?

The biggest challenge I see are ProAdvisors that are unwilling to adopt technology within their practice and/or not adjusting their services to reflect these new opportunities. Bookkeeping and tax services are now a commodity. Business owners want an accountant who understands their needs and will help them design a business that matches their desired lifestyle. It’s now up to accountants to prove their unique value in the market and seek to connect with small business owners on a more personal level.

What’s your #1 piece of advice you’d give to other ProAdvisors to make the most of QB Connect?

Ask questions then listen! Ask small business owners what they struggle with on a daily basis. Ask developers what they are working on and how they, as accountants, can best support them. QB Connect is the perfect opportunity to get feedback and inspiration that you can apply to your practice.

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