Fraser Coast Opportunities: Driving Tourism into the Future


Company: Fraser Coast Opportunities
Location: Fraser Coast, Queensland, Australia
Industry: Government

Fraser Coast Opportunities (FCO) is a not-for-profit with a vision – to make the Fraser Coast known internationally as the most desirable place to visit, live and work in Queensland. And big visions require big thinking and innovation, including having a world-class IT system.  

So FCO teamed up with certified Vend Expert and systems integration specialist The Rype Group, to overhaul its IT systems and move to the cloud.

It was a big call – as a government agency, FCO was working in an environment with very traditional processes and systems. They wanted to challenge the status quo and saw the cloud as a way to grow and innovate. They also needed a simpler way of sharing data between their retail outlets and head office. Andrew Ellis, Visitor Services Coordinator at FCO, knew that Vend could mend this disconnect: 

“Before, even simple things would cause us issues and take up a lot of our time. But since using Vend in our visitor centres, our organisational culture has improved out of sight. It’s a relief not to feel that sense of stress when reporting period are due.” 

Over the course of a month Andrew worked with Tony Chadwick, Co-founder of The Rype Group, to implement Vend alongside their new suite of cloud-based platforms including Xero. The Rype Group handled the entire set-up to ensure the process was smooth and stress-free.

“We saw Vend as the perfect bridge to share data between the customer facing systems and backend operations at FCO. Seamlessly connected to Xero, Vend was the obvious point-of- sale component to our all inclusive solution. It’s so intuitive and easy to use, we knew it would be perfect for FCO with their many volunteer staff who need to be able to pick up and use the system quickly.” 

FCO has seen a major transformation in their operations since their transition to the cloud. It’s even saving one day per week in travel and 2 days per week in paperwork! Now, the team can focus on more important things – like growing the business, and driving tourism in the region.

Check out the full case study below for more info on how FCO worked with The Rype Group to transform their business

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