This Week in Retail: Future-proofing your online store, avoiding POS implementation mistakes, and more

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Hello, Venders and welcome to another issue of This Week in Retail! Our latest retail roundup has articles on future-proofing your online store, implementing your POS correctly, adapting to change, and so much more.

Read away!

1. The challenges and changes shaping the etailing environment – While ecommerce sales are projected to go up over the next few years, many experts are concluding that retailers will “have their work cut out for them.” In this post, Neil Davey offers an excellent, research-backed overview of the challenges that are facing retailers and offers recommendations on what e-tailers can do to address them. If you’re looking to future proof your online store (and you definitely should) this post is a must-read.

2. 4 mistakes retailers make when implementing a modern POS system – Implementing a new point of sale system (or any type of technology for that matter) shouldn’t be rushed or taken lightly, as this could result in you missing out on valuable features. To help you avoid that, this post outlines some of the biggest mistakes that retailers make when setting up their POS, and provides tips on how to overcome them.

3. 75% of retailers to ID shoppers at the door – In this post, Laura Heller offers a great summary of a recent survey by Boston Retail Partners. The study, which examined how retailers plan to meet modern shopper expectations, had some interesting findings, including “Roughly 76 percent of retailers plan to provide suggested selling based on a customer’s previous purchases within three years” and that 91% intend to have “real-time inventory available at the point of sale.” Click through the post to read the rest of their findings.

4. Perspectives on life’s transition moments – Tony D’Onofrio writes a profound piece on overcoming the adversity of major change and he shares some nuggets of wisdom that you can apply not just in your business, but also in life in general. Read about why embracing the unknown and maintaining a positive mental attitude are the keys to successfully weathering the changes and storms that come your way.

5. The art of focus – how do you rate? – Kevin Graff is inviting you to “take the ultimate focus test” to determine whether or not you and your team are focused on what’s really important in this business (read: your customers). Are you 100% focused on giving customers products and experiences they love? If your answers is “maybe” or “no,” then Kevin says it’s high time to get on track before it’s too late.


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