Get on the fast track to #retailsuccess with Vend+

Vend+ – The fast track to #retailsuccess.

At Vend, we’re dedicated to helping retailers do awesome business. We know sometimes it can be a big step moving your business to the cloud, which is why we’re introducing Vend+ – the fast track to #retailsuccess.

For $19/month* you get personalized ongoing training for you and your staff, handsfree (and hassle free) set up of your Vend POS, and coaching to help you maximise the benefits of Vend’s cloud-based point-of-sale.

There are three main parts to Vend+:

One-on-one coaching

Your very own, dedicated Customer Success Manager will learn about your business needs and create a training program designed specifically for you and your staff. This is ongoing, and as your business grows and changes, our Customer Success Managers will tailor content and resources around you.

Not quite so tech savvy? Our Customer Success Managers (who were all retailers themselves at some point) will make sure everything is simple and laid out clearly so anyone can follow along.

We’ll also show you how to to fully utilize the potential of the cloud to grow your business, and assist you with integrating amazing add-ons such as Xero, QuickBooks Online, and many others.

Handsfree setup

Whether you’re shifting from a large and clunky legacy point-of-sale, or just too busy to set up a new POS yourself – Vend+ is the perfect option for you.

We’ll save you time & money by getting you set up quickly. Let us do the heavy lifting – including migrating products & customers – so you can focus on growing your business.

Priority phone support

Be first in line with unlimited priority phone, email, & social support – 20 hours a day 7 days a week (24/7 coming very shortly!). You’re only a short phone call or tweet away from our awesome Support Team.

Who is Vend+ right for?

Vend+ is perfect for stores that are a bit complex and could do with a bit of over-the-phone help in getting started. Vend+ is also a great option for stores with many staff who need training on Vend (because we do that for you!).

However, if you have multiple outlets (3 or more), highly complex systems or processes, need to integrate with several add-ons, or just want someone local to be on hand whenever you need help – we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our amazing Vend Experts. 

How do I get Vend+ ?

If you’re an existing Vend retailer, you can sign up to Vend+ by heading to Setup > Account in your Dashboard.

If you’re new to Vend or want some more information before signing up to Vend+, feel free to get in touch with our Support Team.

What does this mean for Premium Support customers?

When we say we want to help our retailers do awesome business, we really mean it! That’s why we’ve cut the price of Premium Support to $19/month, and rebranded it to Vend+. Get all the benefits of Premium Support, but for $240 less, as well as heaps of extra added benefits, such as ongoing coaching and more educational resources for you and your staff. We’ll be getting in touch with Premium Support customers very shortly with more information about the change.

 * Vend+ is paid annually. For more information check out our Vend+ page.

About Sharad Mohan

Sharad is the Chief Customer Officer at Vend, and responsible for making sure we're bringing delight to our fantastic retailers. Sharad's goal is to enable our retailers to do awesome business through amazing support, great resources and training, and an experience next-to-none. You can follow Sharad on Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.