Get your staff up to speed for the holiday season with Vend U

It’s time to get prepared for the busiest time of the year. And we’re not just talking about stock ordering, store decorations, marketing and launching special customer offers. The holiday season means longer store hours, more temp staff, and having to work faster and under more pressure than any other time of year. So it’s important that your staff are familiar with the systems in your store, and are fully trained to handle any retail situation – and best serve your customers.

Take the time and stress out of staff training with Vend U – our free education portal that provides world-class retail training, interactive courses, videos and guides for you and your staff. Vend U can help your staff get the most out of Vend this holiday season.

It’s easy to train staff for the Christmas rush

Cashiers and sales associates can easily access our training courses and learning materials in Vend U, straight from your Vend account.

And with new courses added all the time, your staff can pick and choose the learning resources and training most relevant to them. From short videos on how to use Vend Register, to interactive courses on merchandise reporting and Ecommerce, and even cashier training webinars, Vend U can give your staff the confidence to run your business like a seasoned pro.

Our latest courses and quick how-to videos

Note: you’ll need to be logged in to Vend U for direct access to the courses

  • Using Product CSVs in Vend: Set-up your products more easily than ever before. CSVs can seem tricky to master, but they are a great way to import lots of information about your products quickly into Vend. This course covers the most common errors, so you can confidently build perfect CSVs every time.
  • Reporting with Vend: Want to deep-dive into your sales data to see how your business is performing over the holidays? This course includes real-life examples of how businesses like yours use reporting for key insights.
  • Add a new register in Vend: Planning on adding more registers to cope with demand? Watch this short how-to video on setting up a new outlet or register in Vend, or take our course on setting up Vend Register for iPad so your staff can reduce Christmas queues and make sales from anywhere on the shop floor.

We’ve also put up over 30 short step-by-step Vend Tutorials on YouTube that take a detailed look at all aspects of using Vend, so your staff can be completely informed – from how to apply discounts, to how to use training mode, to how to transfer stock.

Plus, for more tips preparing staff for the holiday season, check out our other post: 9 seasonal staffing tips to build a winning workforce for the holidays.

Get in touch with Vend U

Do you have a question, or is there something particular you’re interested in learning? Get in touch with the Vend U team, we’d love to hear from you.



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