Getting Started with Vend, a super handy guide

Did you know that by spending a bit more time getting to know Vend before you get started you are heaps more likely to have an awesome experience?

But, if you’re like us, when you get a cool toy you might just head on in and have a play with it without reading the whole instruction manual. So we asked the question: how do you get people to watch an instructional video? And the answer? The answer is Strahan.

Strahan is one of our customer success managers. He works day in, day out to help people get the most out of Vend. So we all sat down and worked out what some of the most common easily avoided pitfalls might be, and then we worked out how to draw people’s attention to the important things in a series of fun videos. We did this through subtle methods, such as blaring ‘important’ signs, and putting a guy in a dress.

However, even more importantly than radical wardrobe functions, we put together this handy page that provides links to all sorts of help to get you going. And remember, if you do need more help getting started you can get premium support to walk you through every step of the way, which is something we really recommend if you are a large or complex retailer, or you can always sing out and ask for some help from our excellent customer support, hey, you might even get Strahan!

Head along and view the Getting Started guide here. And if you have a friend in retail that you think could use a bit of help from Vend to make their retail more awesome, why not share the word.

About Simon Pound

Simon Pound is a retailer that also looks after brand & communications at Vend, a point-of-sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software that helps over 15,000 stores manage and grow their business. Stories from his label can he found here. Connect with Simon on Google+.