Grow Repeat Business with Vend Loyalty

Repeat customers are the best customers. A typical company receives around 65% of its business from existing customers* and returning customers spend 20% more than first time customers**. But how do you apply this to your business to keep customers coming back? Engaging customers with rewards programs is incredibly effective, but can be expensive, difficult to administer, and disconnected from your critical POS product and customer data.

Luckily, we have some amazing news: Vend Loyalty is now available to all Vend customers. And best of all, if you’re already using Vend, it’s free.

Reward every purchase, build a customer database, and grow repeat business easily, with our built-in Loyalty program. 

Get started with Loyalty.

Flexible rewards.

Vend Loyalty settings are completely customisable. You can choose to offer a set Loyalty rate on all purchases, or assign specific rewards to individual products. You can even use Pricebooks to award bonus Loyalty rates to groups of customers or products for timed promotions or VIP rewards programs. 

Easy to join.

You can add customers to your Loyalty program during a sale. All you need is a name or email address. But you don’t have to sign up every customer on the spot. Even if you forget to add a customer during check out, they can easily sign themselves up to your store Loyalty program online, by following the link at the bottom of their printed or email receipts.

And you can offer an incentive of additional Loyalty points if they sign up online. Sweet.

Not a Vend user? Find out how you can grow your business and build customer relationships with Vend Loyalty!

Simple to use.

Customers can happily track their points balance on their receipts, and cashiers can view customer points in the sell screen. 

Since Loyalty points act like any other payment type in Vend, redeeming them is easy. Customers can even make partial payments with Loyalty points.

Find out more about using Vend Loyalty in your store.

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