Helping drive new business to retailers in Australia with Vend & PayPal

According to new research published today by PayPal, at an event in Sydney attended by the Vend team, mobile technology is driving new retail business and aiding consumer discovery. $5.6 billion dollars worth of retail purchases will be made in Australia on mobile devices in 2012, up from $155 million in 2010.

Which is exactly why Vend + PayPal have partnered to bring a completely new in-store payment option to bricks and mortar retailers in Australia. The cash-less and card-less option provides customers with a convenient, quick and secure payment option using their mobile phone.

If you have a PayPal business account, you can connect this to your Vend store, and let your customers find you in the ‘Local’ tab of the PayPal mobile app (for iOS and Android). Your customers check into your shop with their smartphones, and choose to pay with their PayPal accounts. No cards or cash required. It’s simple, it’s safe and it’s incredibly convenient. 

Vend + PayPal is suited to any kind of business, from cafes to schools, bicycle shops, fashion outlets and service providers. PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via mobile devices and in store. And manage payments across multiple channels (online, instore) with ease.

Part of a nationwide trial, Paypal mobile payments are now available at the following Australian Vend stores.

Sydney Skydivers

The largest parachute and skydive training center in the southern hemisphere, Sydney Skydivers has six separate locations, in-house cafes, and an online store. Using Vend + PayPal means they can manage things like inventory, accounts and customer management centrally, and streamline payments across every outlet and platform.  

“We serve a lot of travelers, tourists and people on the go. And more and more people just love paying with PayPal. So for us, to allow our customers to pull out their smartphone and pay with their PayPal is great.” – Russell Brown, Sydney Skydivers, Across Australia


The Little Mule, Melbourne

Cafe, custom bicycle shop and online retailer, The Little Mule does a lot of everything. To operate smoothly, they require a lot of functionality combined with ease-of-use, to suit all employees. 

“With Vend I can see what is happening. We can get rid of underperforming menu items and actually be able to tell someone if we have something in stock” – all from one system. “As for PayPal? It’s the future!” – Hugh McIntyre, The Little Mule, Melbourne


Crayons, Sydney

With a focus on providing safe and extraordinary learning tools for children (or “non-toxic brain food,” as it’s known at Crayons) Jonathon Ladmore is always looking to streamline the business operations so he can focus on his products.  

“The Paypal and Vend integration was painless for us to setup and just worked. It offers customers a convenient way to pay for goods in our bricks and mortar store. It also is a competitive advantage for us in our market.” – Jonathon Ladmore, Crayons, Sydney

See the PayPal Here FAQ

Ask our friendly Vend support team how to setup PayPal + Vend, and start taking mobile payments in store today.

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