Here’s why Vend + PayPal is a match made in retail heaven


Good news, Venders! Your favourite mobile POS system just got even better. Thanks to our friends at PayPal, Vend now brings delight to retailers who’re on the go.

With the Vend + PayPal integration, you can offer flexible — and safe — payment methods to your customers, for a flat 2.7% transaction fee. Accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, mobile, and PayPal payments using the PayPal Here card reader for the iPad.

Your customers can even enjoy contactless payments if they have the PayPal app on their smartphone, so they can complete transactions even if they don’t have their wallet on them.

Run your business from anywhere

Since everything can be done on Vend’s iPad app, you can process payments and run your business from anywhere, with or without an internet connection. Whether you’re in a brick and mortar store, at a tradeshow, at home, or just out and about – you can still get paid and keep your business humming.

Just take a look at Top Shelf Boutique, San Francisco’s first mobile clothing truck. Its owner, Christina Ruiz, drives around the city and sells clothes right off the truck with PayPal letting her accept all payment types quickly and easily.

“Vend’s integration with PayPal gives me the flexibility and mobility to accept various types of payments, while staying on top of my inventory, stores, and customer relationships at the same time,” says Christina.

The same goes for Vender Steve Taitoko, of Magic Memories. The company sets up shop at events and attractions, taking beautiful and memorable photos of people coming to visit. As you can imagine, conducting business in such dynamic environments can be a challenge. With the Vend + PayPal solution, Magic Memories is able to run without a hitch.

“We recently changed over all of our US sites to PayPal and the transition has been smooth and intuitive,” Steve says.

“We use Vend and PayPal at attractions and events, on both 3G and Wi-Fi enabled tablets, and have enjoyed fast reliable transactions and settlements. Our staff love the ease of use and our customers the speed of transaction.”

Top Shelf Boutique and Magic Memories are just a couple of the many retailers that are psyched about the Vend and PayPal partnership. Try it out yourself (it’s super easy) and see why over 8,000 retailers love to use Vend.

Plug and play

Getting Vend and PayPal up and running in your store is simple. We can provide you with the necessary hardware, including the PayPal card reader from Barcodesinc. Choose from three bundles (basic, standard, premium) depending on your business needs. All of them are available online and shipping is free within the US.

More than just a POS

Payments and sales are just the beginning. With our full suite of retailer-friendly features and integrations, you can run your entire business from the Vend app.

Inventory management: Whether you have one store or ten, Vend makes it easy to track your inventory. Add or edit products from anywhere and keep everything up-to-date across all your stores.

Customer relationships and loyalty: Store customer information to provide a personalized experience to each one. Launch loyalty programs to reward your best patrons. With Vend, you don’t have to use cumbersome rewards cards—everything is stored in the system making it faster and easier for you and your customers to reap the rewards.

Real-time analytics: See how your stores are doing with our real-time reporting feature. Get an at-a-glance view of your sales and staff performance from anywhere. We make it simple with pretty graphs and charts so you can quickly make sense of the numbers and know the health of your business.

Various add-ons: Vend integrates with online shopping carts, accounting software, productivity apps, and other tools to help you streamline your business and make it run as smoothly as possible.

Whatever your retail needs may be, you can bet that Vend’s got your back. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need help getting started. We’re more than happy to assist you!

About Sim Ahmed

Sim was a writer and technology journalist in a former life, before coming on board at Vend to help us communicate with our amazing community of retailers, partners and developers. Feel free to get in touch with Sim on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.