15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Retail News, Inspiration, and Ideas

No one can deny the impact that Instagram has had on consumers, celebrities, marketers — and pretty much anyone living in the digital age. With more than 1 billion monthly active users and 500+ million daily actives, Instagram has grown to be one the most important social networks of our age.

People use it to share their stories and keep tabs on their friends and family, while businesses use Instagram to showcase their products and stories.

If you’re in retail, Instagram can be used to stay informed and to gain ideas. The social network is chock-full of content that can inspire your displays, designs, and marketing collateral.

To help you figure out which accounts are worth following, we’ve put together a roundup (in no particular order) of our favorite retail-centric accounts for news, inspiration, and ideas. Check them out:

1. National Retail Federation (@nrf)

The NRF’s Instagram account covers retail from various angles. You’ll find everything from retail facts and stats to photos of retail stores, products, and employees. And if you ever want to see what goes on behind-the-scenes at the NRF’s headquarters and events, you’ll find plenty of BTS snapshots as well!

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2. Instagram for Business (@instagramforbusiness)

If you’re looking to uplevel your Instagram game (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then Instagram for Business is a great account to follow. In addition keeping you updated with the app’s latest features that you can use in your business, Instagram frequently spotlights other businesses are doing an amazing job on the platform.

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“We’re trying to tell the story of food culture around the globe,” says Antonio Diaz (@antonio), of Life & Thyme (@lifeandthyme). Antonio founded the company over five years ago to share the deeper stories of the people working in the culinary industry. Today, Life & Thyme has published a printed quarterly version of its web site, produced an Emmy-winning documentary series called “The Migrant Kitchen” and contributed to numerous culinary storytelling platforms. “We immediately knew that Instagram would be an extension of our storytelling,” Antonio says of his account. He uses Instagram Stories to experiment with new ideas and be more playful, and to provide a lens into the behind the scenes of how the site produces its content. What advice does he offer to other small businesses looking to launch an account or use Instagram tools? “Develop a consistent voice that connects on an emotional level, not just through photos but also through the language used in captions,” says Antonio. “Food is only interesting if we know the human side of it.” 📸 by @lifeandthyme #IGBusinessSpotlight #SummerTravel

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3. Nicole Leinbach Reyhle (@retailmindedworld)

As a sought-after author, speaker, and spokesperson, Nicole spends a lot of time traveling to various retail stores and conferences. That’s why her (very active) Instagram feed consists of retailer event photos, as well as pictures of storefronts and displays. Be sure to follow her, especially if you’re an independent retailer!

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4. The Lionesque Group (@lionesquegroup)

The award-winning experiential retail strategists and pop-up architects™ over at The Lionesque Group are constantly posting eye-popping images of retail store designs. Be sure to also keep an eye out for TLG’s “Tuesday Talks,” an Instagram Live series which features a different retail expert every time.

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5. Independent Retailer (@indretailer)

A trusted resource for indie retail content, Independent Retailer’s Instagram account is an excellent source for store design inspiration and tips. Their account also spotlights trendy retail products, helping you stay up-to-date with what’s hot in the realm of independent retail.

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6. Jasmine A Glasheen (@millennialretailsavant)

Want some retail insights from the perspective of a millennial? Check out Jasmine’s Instagram, which is filled with retail store pics with smart captions + commentary that’ll give you something to think about.

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7. Kizer & Bender (@kizerandbender)

If you ever wanted to go on a “retail adventure,” you’d want Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender as your tour guides. In addition to running the (super informative) Retail Adventures Blog, this duo also maintains an active Instagram account documenting retail travels.

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That time Bender almost got thrown out of Disneyland… #kizersucksasacameraman

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8. Retail Focus (@retailfocus)

Retail Focus’ Instagram account offers a healthy mix of retail shop photos, news, and announcements. Follow them to see sleek designs and to gain insights into the current state — and future — of the retail industry.

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9. Store Front Collective (@storefrontcollective)

Looking for window display and storefront ideas? Then Store Front Collective’s Instagram account should at the top of your list. They’re constantly posting storefront photos from all over the world, so no matter what type of store you have (and where it’s located), you’re bound to find something to inspire you.

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10. The Shopkeepers (@the_shopkeepers)

If you can’t get enough of gorgeous storefronts and displays, then be sure to add The Shopkeepers to your list. This account features retailers from all industries and locations, so whether you’re selling clothes, books, food, or all of the above, you’ll find something to inspire you.

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11. Merchant Method (@merchantmethod)

Merchant Method’s Instagram page (owned by Christine “Chris” Guillot), is packed with practical lessons for retailers and manufacturers. From pointers on inventory management to advice on differentiating your shop, you’ll find an array of tips that you can apply to various parts of your retail business.

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12. Shopper Matters (@shoppermatters)

Shopper Matters regularly shares photos of product packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and retail tech initiatives, and it’s a great account to follow if you want to keep up with what other retailers are doing inside their stores. Got a photo to share? Tag it with #DisplayoftheDay and they just might feature it.

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13. WindowsWear (@windowswear)

As its name implies, WindowsWear is all about retail window displays. They have a vibrant Instagram page that showcases some of the most interesting window displays in the retail industry. If you ever feel at a loss with what to do with your own windows, take a few minutes to browse their account and you’re bound to come up with ideas.

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@HarveyNichols #WindowsWear #HarveyNichols #London www.windowswear.com

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14. We Love Retail (@we_love_retail)

Another awesome source of inspiration and ideas, We Love Retail’s Instagram page is filled with eye-grabbing photos of store interiors, architecture, and displays. Their account is a must-follow for anyone who wants to keep their retail designs fresh.

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15. Vend POS (@vendhq)

Of course, we had to include Vend’s Instagram account on this list. If you’re a small or medium retailer, be sure to check out Vend for retail pointers and inspiration! In addition to keeping you updated our latest blog posts, we’re always sharing retailer stories and tips to help you run better stores.

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Your turn

Did we miss anyone? Which Instagram accounts do you follow for news, ideas and inspiration?


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