Take control of your register with new cash management


It doesn’t matter what you call it; you can now control your cash, detect your dinero and monitor your moolah with our new cash management feature, available in the Register for Mac and PC and Register iPad app.

Vend cash management will allow you to reduce errors, theft and discrepancies, and start tracking cash movements across shifts, days and cashiers. 

Enable cash management for any of your registers and record all changes from cash float to register closure. Plus, monitor petty cash and safe drop transactions so you always know what’s going on with your registers. Each time you close a register, you’ll be able to check for any discrepancies and see that day’s cash drawer activities.

Already a Vend customer?

Login as an admin user and enable cash management under Setup > Outlets and Registers* (details below


*Only admin users can enable cash management, but once enabled all users have access to the feature.


✔ Check for discrepancies and reduce theft

With cash management, you can see all of your cash movements throughout the day and have more visibility into what your cashiers are doing.

✔ Track petty cash in and out, plus safe deposit drops

Need to buy some supplies? Want to make a deposit at the bank? With cash management you can record the money you take out of your cash drawer and add a note so you know exactly where your cash has moved that day. Vend will automatically adjust the amount for your end of day register closure.

✔ Keep your accounting in check

All movements in and out of the cash drawer will be recorded and posted to Xero.

How to enable cash management in Vend:

  1. First, make sure you’re using the new Register for Mac and PC or Vend Register for iPad app. If you haven’t switched from the old web-based sell screen to Register now’s the perfect time – we know you’ll love it! We’ve also added Mercury integrated payments (US), Tyro integrated payments (Australia), loyalty, and returns.
  2. Login to your Vend account and head to Setup > Outlets and Registers. Select ‘edit register’ and tick ‘Enable Cash Management‘ or check out our Help Center article for full instructions.image2

Cash management is only available on the new Register for Mac and PC and the Register iPad app.

Now’s a great time to switch to our new web-based point of sale.

Find out more here

The new Register web point of sale is completely free as part of your plan and you don’t need to worry when switching over – it’s linked to your backend system, just like your current sell screen is. All reporting, inventory and sales data will be updated automatically, as usual. 

Learn more about cash management and the new Register for Mac and PC by heading to Vend U, joining a training webinar, or reading the Help Center guide.

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