Introducing… Vivre, webinar coordinator and industry liaison

Vivre Lokes

Here ye! Vivre here, Vend’s resident town crier.  I manage our retail news and information site, The Retail Digest – where you’ll find the top 100 industry experts curating insightful and actionable content, to help retailers thrive.

I’ve been here at Vend for a couple of months now, after recently completing a “reverse gap year” (a break from work to study).  And prior to my foray back into student life I was working as a legal executive at a boutique inner city law firm. This was until I came to the realisation that I need something more creative in my life. Thus my passion for marketing was born, and I have never looked back!

Everyday at Vend I get to reach out to and collaborate with members of the wider retail community. At the moment I’m particularly excited about the Retail Success Webinar series we’re hosting in conjunction some of retail’s top thought leaders.  Registrations are open now for this year’s first workshop on the top trends in social commerce.  Come along and learn how to effectively drive traffic and sales through social media, I’d love to see you there.

Speaking of webinars, I also run our weekly “Introduction to Vend” webinar. This is a must for anyone wanting to know more about our amazing retail software, and it allows me to work with our A-team of Retail Solutions Specialists on a regular basis. I can’t help but tune in every time.

Aside from loving my new life with Vend, in my spare time you’ll often find me checking out the various art galleries around town (slowly building up my art collection – I’m a big fan of post-graffiti pacific artists), or taking photos of just about anything and everything.  I also love to cook, especially when it involves food that I’ve grown myself.

Want to get in touch? Please don’t hesitate to connect with me via LinkedIn or email!

About Vivre Lokes

Vivre is our resident webinar coordinator at Vend and loves collaborating with members of the wider retail community on projects like our expert webinar series and The Retail Digest.  You can get in touch with Vivre by email or connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.